New Curtains and back on the road again!!!

Finally got rig back

It was 2 weeks since I dropped off my rig at the Ford Dealer but finally got it back on Friday.  I had booked one night at O’Neill Park.  I was also able to reserve 2 nights at the Elks.  It took the dealer a good bit of time to complete the necessary repairs.  The dealer that repaired my rig only works on heavy stuff like RV’s ambulances and big trucks.

The whole time my rig was at the dealer I spent over at my sister Bev’s and her husband Bob.  Chica also really enjoyed Lando as shown from my previous post.

It sure was nice getting back to sleeping in my home once again.

New custom made drapes

Bev and I measured all the windows and she offered to make me new curtains.  We must have made a dozen trips to Hobby Lobby for all the material needed as well as a few other neat items.

Bev was very busy cutting fabric and sewing it to the specs of the windows.  We went to the rig several times while it was parked in the dealer’s lot, but waited until last Sunday to install them.  What a fabulous job she did.  I can’t begin to thank her enough.

This is the rear drape.  Mind you I was able to remove that horrible pull down blind that was in the rig since it was made by Lazy Daze.


The door window.  The old LD blind broke earlier in the year.  Bob just happened to be walking outside of the door as this pic was taken.


She also made curtains for the kitchen windows but the pic did not turn out well.

Celebrated at the Elks

Since I was parked at the Elks when everything was done and installed we all went in to celebrate with a drink at the bar.  It was a wonderful ending for a great day and my last down in So CA.  It is always fun seeing Bob and Bev.  Thank you so much for everything you both have done for me!!!

Early call Monday morning

At 7:45am Bev called.  She had gotten up early and wanted to finish off a valance for the drapes.  I hadn’t planned on leaving until 10:00 so she came over and installed the new valances.  What a big difference.  That was the finishing touch she really wanted.  It looks FANTASTIC!!!!!

This is the back window.


The door.


The Kitchen.


I am so excited over the new look.

Stopped at Inyokern, CA

I got on 395 and made my first stop at a small RV park in Inyokern, CA.  I have stayed at this same park 3 out of the 4 years I have been on the road.  Just like going back to your old neighbor.  It has hookups so I get get water and dump tanks on my way up to Mono Lake where I will boondock for a night.

I have not driven any distance since I came over to SO CA from Yuma.  That is not much driving at all.  It is so great getting back on the road again.  Chica is very happy too as you can see from this photo.


I am slowly making my way up north to the Cascades in WA where I will be a camphost all summer.  I should be up there by May 10th.

11 thoughts on “New Curtains and back on the road again!!!

  1. Hope you have a great time in Washington !! I’m anxious to read about your adventures, and seeing your pictures. We just loved it up there. ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Yes, Bev did a really great job on the curtains. You have a wonderful sister and brother-in-law. Safe travels to you and adorable Chica.

  3. Your sister did a great job, it looks really comfy. Have a fun time in Wa., the weather today here in Dupont, Wa. was beautiful, NO RAIN !!

  4. Love your curtains. They really make the rig look like home. Safe travels and have a great time enjoying the road. Love that Chica.

  5. It surely made a difference- so glad everyone liked them- he just needed a bit of a womens touch to make it a bit more homey!! Glad to have helped!

  6. I love the curtains, and the valance in the center just makes them perfect! When I put in my curtains it made The Palms feel much homier, and I’m sure you feel the same. Great mods with the curtains and new flooring. Enjoy your travels to the Cascades. I love Oregon and Washington, and look forward to your time up there. 🙂

  7. You drove right past me on your way to Mono Lake. I’m in Mammoth Lakes at my camphost job. Some day I hope to meet in person. Will you be at Amazon this year? Maybe I’ll see you there?
    Your friend, Linda May

    • Sorry Linda, I completely forgot. I will be at Amazon again this year so I think we need to get together up there.

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