One more day

Still at the casino

Well 2 nights is going to turn into 3 at the Kla Mo Ya Casino.  Not because I love to gamble (I haven’t even been inside) but because the LA Kings face the Anaheim Ducks in their first game of the series tonight.  I am an avid LA Kings fan, although never get to any games.  I have been a fan for many years and hope they can beat the Ducks and continue in their quest for another Stanley Cup.

Perfect weather

The sun is shining and the temps will be 63 high 37 low.  It gets a bit chilly around 4:00am but nothing that requires heat, just warm blankets.  Great sleeping weather.  I turn on the Wave 3 in the morning to warm everything up including Chica.


Slow down mode

Ever since I arrived here I have been in a slow down mode as opposed to my hurry up mode in getting here.  Between here and my destination at Panorama Point Campground in Northern Washington it is only about 600 miles.  So I have plenty of time to get their by May 10th.

My route north

I am trying to bypass all of the large cities on my way north.  I didn’t want to go through either Portland or Seattle if I don’t have to so I got out my atlas and I came up with the following route.  Since I am already on 97 I plan to just continue heading north on it until I reach 2 in Washington.  Then I will go west on 2 to Everett, WA where I will get on the 5 heading north.  Then I will go east on 20 which will put me right in Concrete, WA about 20 miles from my campground.  This route will take me thru all small towns until I get to Everett.  Has anyone ever taken any of these roads?  If so I would love to hear your comments on the roads and my route.

Elks Lodge in Bend

Tomorrow I plan to head to Bend.  I need to do some shopping at Walmart and they also have an Elks lodge with RV parking available.  Only about 115 miles so won’t be much driving.


18 thoughts on “One more day

  1. Jim,

    When you get to Bend, if you have the time, head a little east to camp along the Crooked River on HW 27 just north of Prineville. Lots of wonderful camping along the river. My personal favorite CG is Lower Palisades. Just take a local road directly east from your Walmart to get there. It’s about About a 20 to 30 minute drive. I’m sure you can figure it out. You’ll like it.

    For this time of the year your planed route to Concrete is as good as you can do. HW 20 east and west to/from Winthrop isn’t open yet.

    Larry from the Pacific NW

    • Jim,
      Above, I said the campgrounds were just north of Prineville along HW 27. I meant to say that they are just SOUTH of Prineville.

      Happy Trails! Larry from the Pac. NW

  2. Hi Jim,
    Nola and I have had a great time slowly winding our way back to Oregon over the past two months from Tucson. We are home in Eugene spending lots of time with close friends and family before moving onto Camp Sherman where I’ll be camp hosting all summer (along with Bruce). Too bad we’ll miss each other on your trip to Bend.

    Safe and Happy Travels on your way north to your campground assignment.

    David and Nola

  3. Love that picture of Chica. A girl after my own heart – right in front of the heat. Of course, it’s plenty warm here today at 99. Enjoy the rest of your drive north.

  4. Oh gosh! Chica looks very happy there in front of the heat! You’re going to be in our neck of the woods, Jim, & I think you’ll really love your drive up from Bend. Stop in Shaniko, Oregon. It’s a little ghost town that had a lot of character when I was there in the early 70’s. Woa. Long time ago.

    Here’s something to consider. If you head west on highway 2 from 97 you’ll miss the North Cascades Highway, which is highway 20. And Concrete is on highway 20. You might want to continue up 97 until you see the signs for 153 Winthrop & Twisp at Pateros. On your journey to Pateros you’d travel along the Columbia River and Winthrop & Twisp (in the Methow Valley not far from Pateros) are nice little towns along highway 20. The Methow Valley is gorgeous. You head north from Concrete (on highway 20) to the Panorama Point Campground on Baker Lake in the National Forest. So basically, Jim, you’re taking the northerly route to Concrete & then heading north to Panorama Point CG.

    Bellingham isn’t far away from where you’ll be hosting & it’s a town that has so much to love! A great Farmer’s Market, a world-class outdoor sculpture area at Western Washington University, one of the best bookstores in the world–Village Books–in the historic neighborhood of Fairhaven, and many wonderful parks. Bellingham’s nickname is The City of Subdued Excitement & it fits.

    Burlington is part of the Mount Vernon area & Anacortes is another great little town that’s not far away. So, regardless of where you land, you’ll have more than enough activities to keep you engaged & busy.

    Gosh, I sure hope you have a good map so you can check this route out. My Jim says it’s a more scenic route than highway 2. Safe travels & enjoy your trip north.

  5. I’m coming in from Spokane and it was suggested that I take either Highway 2 or Highway 20 to get north of Seattle, so am most interested in what you find. Someone mentioned Highway 20 is taking the overflow traffic from that area where the landslide was. Also heard it was not open until mid May. If you go 2, be sure and stop at Leavenworth… Loved the pic with Chica and the Wave 3!!! So will be checking your blog for your views on either route. Enjoy!

  6. Hi Jim – We took 97 North from Bend and just loved it. As you near the Columbia Gorge, you see so many geological formations. Fell in love with Platform Bridge County Park in Hood River and stayed many days. Lewis & Clark museum, Columbia Gorge VC, Where in the Heck is Sam Hill? All worth seeking out. Maryhill Winery is very good. Have fun. Linda & Carole

  7. The 97/2 route is not too bad for your size rig. Crossing the Cascades is always going to be fairly mountainous. The easier route is on I-90 (less twisty) but you’ll have to deal with eastside Seattle/Bellevue which is a lot of traffic. The 97/2 route is probably the 2nd easiest.

    Right after 97 meets with 2 there is a really great town you should plan to stop at, Leavenworth. When Gone with the Wynns went through there they did a great video of there experiences. I would plan at least a stop there.

    • I am not familiar with the Mr Buddy Heater so can’t really compare the two. My Wave 3 is a catalytic heater and I have had it since I started full timing. It does a fairly good job of adding warmth to the rig. I have mine connected to a Quick Connect with a 10 foot hose. That way it allows me to move it around wherever I am seated. However when it starts to get really cold when I am hooked up to electricity I also get out a Lasko electric heater.

      • Thanks Jimbo. I have heard a lot of good things about the wave 3 such as it uses less propane. I’m thinking it might be better then my Mr Buddy. Thanks. Hope the new Host job is going well for you and Chica…..Kind Regards…HoboJoe

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