Home Sweet Home – for 4 months

Last leg of journey completed

I drove the last leg of the journey to my home for the next 4 months.  It was only 51 miles but I was anxious all the way as I wasn’t sure the campground would be opened.  When I arrived the gate was open and I just drove right in.



This pic shows the entrance to the campgrounds.


Then I found the host site and started moving right in.


Cloudy and Rainy

When I arrived it was raining and very cloudy.  Chica and I walked around the campground and she was fascinated by the Canadian geese.


This was quite different then what she is used to seeing.

Sunny Day

The following day it was sunny and I awoke to some really fantastic scenery.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful this place is with snow-capped mountains all around.  The next couple of pics were taken about 50′ from my campfire.  The lake is right there so I will have easy access with my kayak.



We took another hike around the campgrounds.  This is the road leading around it.


The trees are very tall as you can see.


This is a view of the lake and mountains from the day use area.


Day use for fishermen

There is also a day use are for fishermen with a boat ramp


This is a sign that shows Baker Lake.  We are at the dot at the very bottom portion of the lake.


There was a mom and pop Canadian Geese enjoying the lake.


Poor Internet

I was using my Millenicom Hotspot attached to my Sleek booster, but I was only able to get a very slow 3G.  I tried uploading my pics but it took several hours for just 2 pics and then I would lose the connection every now and then.  I had to pick up my mail in Concrete, WA so decided to check if the connections was faster down there.  AHA!  I got 4G in this small town and my pics loaded very quickly (4G).

22 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home – for 4 months

  1. Oh my that is some really neat country. I loved running around in that area. However when your job is finished don’t linger in heading down from the hills. Winter comes quickly when it comes.

  2. Very lovely area with grand views! I doubt that it can get much better than that! Enjoy, as I know you will. 🙂

  3. Jim… The cg looks great. We head for the Metolius on Wednesday. Have a great summer!
    David and Nola

  4. Beautiful area, must say I’m jealous of your job there… expect great blog posts when you can…to keep us all up-to-date. Chica will find all kinds of new smells to check out. Enjoy!

  5. Wow! What a great job. And with your car, you should really enjoy coming and going when you want. Your readers will be in 7th heaven this summer. Enjoy!

  6. I thought you might find a good connection in Concrete, Jim! Enjoy this gorgeous weather–Chica will have fun with all the new smells. Does she have some grass she can roll in? I second what doc says about Woods Coffee in Bellingham–both the coffee & the town are worth a drive on one of your days off!

    • Chica does not like going near the water. I would not want to take a chance with her in a kayak. Not yet anyway.

  7. Hey, Jim. . . . Wow! You found a great place to camp host! You’re going to have fun on that lake. BTW, I gave you a geography mini-lesson over at my blog. 🙂 Sue

  8. I’m glad you made it safely – and what a beautiful place to spend the summer! I’m looking forward to hearing all about your camp hosting adventures. 🙂

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