Spotted my first bear

Getting settled into job

I am finally getting into a good routine with my camphosting job.  My day is busy but I am able to schedule all my duties without killing myself.  I make 2 rounds of each campground checking to make sure everyone has paid and are in their correct sites.  Then there is 2 pit toilets per campground that must be attended to.  Also each campsite must be cleaned and raked after each camper leaves.

But Washington is so beautiful and it makes my job so much better.  Everything is really green up here and when there is no rain it is fantastic.  It is so nice to be parked here for the entire summer.

Hi Yogi

I saw my first bear while driving on the road just about a 1/2 mile from one of the campgrounds I am responsible for.  He/she was going up a ravine just to the side of the road.  I didn’t have my camera handy so couldn’t get a pic.  Bummer!  I am sure that is not the only bear I will see up here over the summer.

I did come within 10 feet of a deer and he did not appear to be the least bit frightened of me.  He just strolled off into the bushes.


Checked out a forest service road

There was a forest service road across from one of my campgrounds so had to see where it goes.  I get a lot of hikers wondering where are some good hiking trails so I do my best at finding the trailheads just off of forest service roads.  This one was just a one lane dirt road that lead way up the mountain.

I followed this road up about 3 miles where the road ended.  The scenery was magnificent.



Relaxing in the sun

This is Chica’s favorite spot.  She loves laying in the sun.


Weekends are busy

On the weekends the campgrounds are almost full.  This past weekend was a free fishing day.  Not sure what that meant but there were certainly a lot of fishing people.  Then on Sunday night everyone goes home and it is usually slack through the week.  However July 4th is approaching and it should be very busy.

New Jetpack

I just upgraded to the latest hotspot Millenicom offers in the hopes that my connection would improve.  I had one of the very first hotspots they sent out.  It was a Samsung and there was another upgrade after that which I didn’t get.   Using my sleek I do have 4G occasionally but not very often and sometimes even the 3G was quite slow.  Not enough to upload pics.  I will find out later if there is an improvement.

8 thoughts on “Spotted my first bear

  1. Is that a George Forman grill? I’ve often thought of getting one. How do you like it and what do you like to grill on it?

  2. Sounds like you’re pretty busy! Beautiful area to spend time in, though. The air must smell wonderful. Watch little Chica with those wild bears! 🙂

  3. You certainly lucked out insofar as the scenery is concerned. Don’t lose any sleep over getting a photo of a bear as I’d rather you keep rving than be his main entrée. 🙂

  4. Glad to hear you are enjoying the camp hosting gig. Please remember to report on the new hotspot (I’m guessing the Pantech). I haven’t had any issues with the Novatel, but may have to change eventually.

  5. Look’s like a really nice place to be for the Summer. I am spending a few months at my home in Montana then around September I will be headed for the Washington area, not sure where yet, but it all goes as planned I will continue South from there.
    It seems often I don’t have my camera when a rare event happens. It happened to me several times this week. Oh well more shots will come.

  6. Sounds like you are having a really great summer. I would love to see a bear – from the safety of my vehicle, of course. We had an antelope wander through the campground yesterday and she wasn’t afraid of us at all. Scooter was down in the grass and weeds and couldn’t see her so she didn’t even bark. Too funny. Love that Chica girl. Got to see the Amazon place you worked at in Fernley when we were there.

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