Sleepless in Seattle – Part 2

Continuing my Seattle Weekend

This is a continuation of my weekend with Marti and Charlie in Seattle.  I would have posted it much sooner, but I have been experiencing Internet access problems.  I finally got them straightened out and will mention that later.

What a statue!

This guy painted himself grey and was posing in front of a shop just outside Pike Place Market.  You could not tell if he was a statue or a real person until he moved.  It was really amazing.



Ferry to Bainbridge Island

After we ate lunch we walked down to the pier where we hoped the ferry over to Bainbridge Island.  It was just a short ride over but you really had some nice views of the city.


Marti took a pic of me with Seattle in the background.


Here is a pic of the island.


Once we got to the island we turned around and took the ferry back.

Great view of Seattle

Then we took a bus back to the car and drove over to Kerry Park in the North Queen Ann section.  There I could also get some great pics of the city.


Charlie and Marti overlooking the city.


Theo’s Chocolate in Fremont

After that we drove to the Fremont section of the city and checked out Theo’s Chocolates.  They were the first free trade organic chocolatier in the US.  I had to get some while I was there and am still enjoying it.

Ballard Locks

The locks were very interesting.  They connected Lake Washington to the ocean.  There was a large tour boat going through as we were there.



They also have a fish ladder for the salmon going upstream to spawn.  You could go under the lock and see the fish migrating, but there were no fish moving through at that time.

Seattle Mariners baseball

The next day we drove down to the Hospice where Charlie volunteers to meet some other people.  Charlie had organized an outing to see the Seattle Mariners play the San Diego Padres.  We all walked over to the Safeco Field just a few blocks away.


Charlie and I were very lucky as the only people who joined us were girls.


It was a great time.

A really great weekend

It was a very busy weekend and Marti and Charlie took me everywhere.  It was really terrific that they showed me so much of the great city of Seattle.  Thank you both again for being such great tour guides.

More Northwest adventures to come.


12 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle – Part 2

  1. Great write up Jim! We thoroughly enjoyed showing you around Seattle. One slight correction: Charlie volunteers at the Int’l Hostel not a Hospice. So the girls that joined us for the baseball game were travelers not terminally ill patients. 🙂 Come visit us again!

  2. What a nice tour of the area. So good to hear from you again. Hope your 4th goes well! We are hanging in there. Rick is improving daily. Hope to be back on the road again soon.

  3. Great photos and friends. The chocolate caught my eye. Ya, you looked really miserable with all those girls. 🙂

  4. That’s a really nice photo of you, you look happy and windblown. I’ve seen those “statue” people and I agree – they are fascinating. Seattle is a beautiful city, nice that you had such a great tour from people who know the area. 🙂

  5. I, too, sat right up when you mentioned the chocolates. You guys really covered a lot of territory in a short period of time. Isn’t it wonderful to have tour guides. Glad you are back up and running.

  6. Really enjoyed reading your blog Jim. Thank you. As a newbie full-timer on the other side of the Atlantic I can see I’m going to need to spend more time here to pick up some tips!

  7. Hi Jim. I’m a new follower (and friend of Jim, Gayle, and Debbie). I also attended a Mariners game – soon after you – but it was POURING rain all day and the roof was closed. It was still a blast. Look forward to following the adventures of you and La Chica.


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