On the road to Shannon Creek

Road to Shannon Creek

I mentioned previously that I had to venture to the Shannon Creek campgrounds twice a day to manage it.  It was more than 4 miles from Panorama Point, but three miles was a gravel road.  At the beginning of the camper season it was a very bumpy road with many deep ruts.  The Forest Service came out and leveled it out for us.  It got rid of the ruts, but once the rain let up the road became VERY dusty.  There was dispersed camping all along the road which ran alongside of the lake.

DSC_0696 DSC_0698

Shannon Creek closed just after Labor Day to give me time to clean it up and get it ready for next year.  Then I closed the gate.


I was visiting with another camp host when a camper told us a tree had fallen across the road to Shannon Creek.  We went up there to locate the tree.  This is what we found.





As you can see the tree was huge.  It had fallen across the road and the top portion had landed in the water.  The Forest Service called out a contractor and they removed the tree from the roadway within a few hours.  It was a good thing no one was traveling along that road (including myself) when it came down.

Mt Baker

We learned that you could take FS road 1130 to FS 1131 and it would get you to the base of Mt Baker.  So on an off day Stan (one of the other camp hosts) and I headed up there.  It was at least 5 miles up the forest service road to a trailhead.  The road kept going up and up.  Along the way I got several pics.  Here you can see Baker Lake off in the distance.


We are getting closer to the base of Mt Baker.


We stopped at this point to get a better pic of Mt Baker.  This is my friend Stan.


Mt Baker is so majestic.



It was really a fun day.

9 thoughts on “On the road to Shannon Creek

  1. Good for you and all the super places you get to visit. We just got back from a 5 day Pacific Coast cruise with stops in Seattle, Astoria Oregon with final stop in San Diego. After this visit to Oregon, we hope to return someday and stay in either Cannon Beach or Seaside….best vacation secrets that we have visited lately. Oregon doesn’t have sales tax; how nice that is. Hope all is well with you! Ann & Chuck Reese

  2. Gosh, that fallen tree was immense. Thank goodness it didn’t take anyone down with it. I am so impressed with the beauty of that area. No wonder you want to host there again next year! Excellent pictures!

  3. Great photos Jim! So glad you are planning to return next year. Will you be at Panorama Point again or a different campground in another part of WA? Keep the photos and posts coming! Nice to be getting your posts again. 🙂

  4. Awesome photos, Jim! That tree is huge–I wonder what brought it down? Jim’s a surveyor & he told me he’s seen trees out in the woods that were 9′ through. He said ‘your’ tree looked like it was about 5′ through.

    I’ve never been to Baker Lake–it looks gorgeous up there! Jim & I will come up next summer & bring Marionberries with us!

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