Back at Amazon

One day away from leaving Fernley

I have been working at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Fernley, NV for the past 3 years.  Since I began working there in 2011 I have made regular trips to doctors in Reno for checkups and to renew my prescriptions.  I made the appointments this year as well but wasn’t planning on working at Amazon.  I was going to do some traveling as I had just completed my camp hosting assignment in Washington.

I stayed at the Desert Rose RV Park where I used to stay while working at Amazon.  I was waiting for a package from Escapees and was ready to depart for Utah to meet up with Jim, Gayle and Debbie.

Then I got a call from my sister informing me that our Mom was on Hospice.  She felt that I should be there so I bought airline tickets and made arrangements to board Chica in Reno.  I also informed the Desert Rose office that I would be out of the area but would keep my rig connected to electric.

I then flew to SO CA to see my Mom and do what I could to help my sister.  My Mom was very weak when I arrived, but has shown improvement while I was there.  She is still touch and go after a week.

To make a long story short I was in CA for a week.  My Mom is very weak but seems to be doing much better.  I flew back to Reno and picked up Chica.  She wouldn’t let me set her down once I had picked her up.  She was going crazy, jumping all over the car.

Got hired at Amazon

Like I have said all summer, “I am NOT going to work at Amazon this holiday season”.  Oh well forget that notion.  When I got to Desert Rose RV Park there were already several of my friends staying there.  I found Roger and we went out to dinner and got caught up on what each of us has been doing.  Then I met Jane who has followed my blog.  They both encouraged me to sign up again with Amazon.  No way I would say.  HA!

Then I met Barb and Chuck who I had worked with last year.  They told me the same thing.  To make a long story short I called Joni at Amazon and mentioned that I would like to work again during the peak season.  She wrote me back that she was reactivating my application and start a background check.  I completed the drug screen while in CA and orientation was last Tuesday.  I saw the same movies I have watched each year.  ZZZ!

Anyway I only have 5 hour days the first week.  This week I am on a my regular four 10 hour day schedule with 3 days off.  My work days are Wed thru Sat.  I decided to work nights so that it would be dark and hopefully Chica would sleep most of the night.  My hours are 6:00pm to 4:30am.  YUK!!!  I hope I don’t have trouble sleeping.  On top of that I also make $.75 an hour more.  Not too shabby!

Get out the heaters

I got out all the heaters, both catalytic and electric and hooked them up.  The weather here is not too bad yet, but the nights have been down in the 30’s.  But Chica and I are staying very comfortable.

Only 2 months and then off to Q

Once I finish up my stint at Amazon I will be off to So CA for the holidays with family and then over to Quartzsite where I will meet up with all my friends at Rogers 1/2 Acre.  I am looking forward to both, but in the meantime I will work my ass off here at Amazon.

16 thoughts on “Back at Amazon

  1. I guess you’ve proven that never doesn’t necessarily mean never. Hope your Mom is getting stronger. You’re lucky that Chica would even condescend to speak to you again.

  2. That was a surprise! I wasn’t expecting you to do Amazon again – hope it goes well for you and Chica.

    Best wishes for your mom. My mom was on Hospice for 6 months, and they are considering taking her off now. So… Maybe your mom will be okay. I hope so.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the LD gathering at Q.

  3. Hi again Jimbo. Happy to hear you and Chica are doing well. I also stayed with my Mom and tended to her while she was at home in Hospice. Takes special people to work in Hospice. My Mom passed away in November of last year. My Dad was in Hospice when he passed away ten years ago in November of 2003. I also stayed with my Dad for the last 6 weeks of his life. And I do hate to tell you but your Ass is still behind you……..HoboJoe

  4. This time, I am finding you and chatting! I have been following your blog for years, and even worked in RNO1 for two years at the same time as you, but couldn’t get the courage to actually talk with you. We have been in the same places multiple times over the last 3 years. This time I am not letting the opportunity go by. See you soon! (We return to RNO1 11/11).

  5. Wow you went back to Amazon! So your friends talked you into it huh…. 🙂
    Thank you for the update on Mom/Grandma. It sounds like you and Bev are doing all you can to keep her comfortable.
    I’m looking to visit CA in December for the Christmas Holiday so I’ll get to see you !!

  6. I can’t believe you let yourself get sucked back into Amazon! Actually, if our summer job had not gone into the fall, we would be there too. Hope you can make it through and sending up some prayers for you mom. Take care. Tami & Clay Belcher

  7. I can’t believe you let your self get sucked back into Amazon!! Actually, if our summer job had not extended into the fall, we would be there too. Heard this might be the last year for this kind of work. Anyway, keep warm and don’t work too hard. Sending up some prayers for you mom.
    Take care. Tami & Clay Belcher

    • Yea! Yea! I am truly a sucker. Plus on top of that I am working nights. It is really hard to figure out when to sleep.

      I will miss seeing you guys here this year. I am sure Chrisplant will miss you too. HA!

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