Off to Yuma


I would like to thank everyone for the thoughtful comments concerning my Mom.  I am so lucky to have so many friends like yourselves.

Finally off to Yuma

I was finally able to pick up my rig at the Ford dealer where they fixed my steering box, upgraded my A/C and did my front brakes.  Then I went back to Doheny State Beach for 2 days to get organized and purchase food.  My sister Bev took me to Costco and Trader Joe’s where I really stocked up.  I packed up on Friday morning to make the drive to Yuma.  Glad to get out of all the traffic in So CA.

Cool driving

I am sure glad that the Ford dealer was able to fix the A/C.  Since my rig is an older model they could not just add freon, but had to upgrade to the latest freon they now use in all the new vehicles.  It was getting hot crossing the desert and both Chica and myself were nice and cool.

Mittry Lake

I headed straight to Mittry Lake where I met up with friends who were already there.  Jim and Gayle, Debbie, Chris, Jeanne, Barbara, Suzanne and Kim were already there and Chica and I moved right in.  Martin and Charlie arrived later and it was good seeing them.  It sure was fun meeting up with old friends as well as some new ones as well.

Chica also met here friends Sophie and Elvis as well as Rupert and Eliot, Katie and Riley.  She was really glad to see them.

 Visited Stan

The next day I drove over to the Paradise Casino to visit Stan who was a fellow camp host last summer at Baker Lake.  He had called and mentioned that he would only be there another day or two so decided to stop in and pay him a visit.  He is going back east to Mississippi.  It was good seeing him before he left.

I also need groceries so headed over to Fry’s to restock my new refrigerator.

Off on a hike

A few of us left on a hike about 9:00am to avoid the heat.  It was a hike I have done many times before so knew where we were going.  This is a pic of our rigs looking back from our hike.


I will take more pics of the area and Chica once I get my camera charged up.

I am glad to be back on the road and meeting up with friends.

10 thoughts on “Off to Yuma

  1. We hope all goes well with your upcoming adventures. Nice to catch up with you in LN. We are blessed to have known your Mom & Dad, and you too! Ann & Chuck Reese

  2. So good to be camped near you again – it’s been a while. I agree with Kim – more Chica photos! She’s the sweetest dog ever. (I love Katie, but I want Chica, too.) That photo from your hike shows The Palms right near the water – great shot! 🙂

  3. Jim, it was good seeing your blog post in my email–welcome back. Spending time with friends is the perfect self-care–we’re going to have to spend some time at Mittry Lake next year–it looks beautiful! Looking forward to photos of Miss Chica! Are you going to host at Baker Lake again this summer? If so, we should try a meet-up! Have fun!

  4. Jim, sorry to hear about your mom. I have not been able to travel much this past year as I am assisting with my mom here in TX. I did get out a few weeks in the RV last summer and fall. Also, my sister and I went on a 20 day South America and Antarctic cruise in Dec. & Jan. Not sure what will be happening this year. Hope to catch up with you again some day.

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