Getting things done at Mittry Lake

Still at Mittry Lake

Since I arrived here I have replaced my GPS, Dish Receiver and pocket camera.  My camera stopped working last year but didn’t want to spend the money to replace it.  It was a Nikon CoolPix and I loved the camera but it just stopped working.  I had already sent it into Nikon during it’s warranty period and they were able to fix the problem, but since then it started the same problem over again and decided it was time for a new one.

I went to Best Buy where I was able to pick up a new Sony Cyber Shot.  I looked at them all but decided this one had many of the features of my Nikon and would be easiest to get used to.  So far I am very happy with it although the flash pics aren’t the greatest.  I guess I will have to read the manual for a change.  Sure Jim!

My next item was a new GPS.  My old one was a reconditioned unit I had bought through WOOT several years ago and it gave me many years of instructions on how to get where I was going.  Then on the way to Yuma I plugged it in and it never did come on.  I picked up a new Garmin at Best Buy also and am really please with it.  I looked at several different models including the TOMTOM but decided on sticking with the Garmin in the same size I had.  So far I like it much better then the one I had.

Last but not least, I set my Satellite Dish up but couldn’t get the receiver box to even turn on.  I contacted Dish support who determined that I might need a new receiver box.  They gave me the address of a local retailer in Yuma so I headed over to them to see if they could test my box.  They plugged it in and again nothing.  They did have a replacement box in stock which they programmed for me and now I also have TV.  Hot Dog!

Chica’s Teeth

When I was in So CA I took Chica in to get her nails clipped and saw the vet.  He mentioned that she had a loose tooth and possible Periodontal disease.  YUK!  Poor little girl!  He gave me an estimate of $800 – $1100 to get her fixed up.  I thought I would go to the vet in Yuma at Foothill Animal Hospital to get a second opinion.  Before I took her in I stopped by there with the estimate I received from the first vet.  They literally cut that in half and said it would cost less then $500, however they wanted to see her first.  Then next day I took her in and the vet examined her and determined she didn’t really have periodontal disease but she did need a good teeth cleaning.  It is common among her breed that plack really builds up.  I took her in to the same vet last year and they did her teeth then  so early Thursday we are off to the vet.  They will also bring her up to date on her shots and trim her nails again (they grow so fast).


Please Daddy, not the dentist again!

Please Daddy, not the dentist again!

Life is good at Mittry Lake

Lots of friends, great weather, good food, and its totally FREE.  What more could you ask for.

12 thoughts on “Getting things done at Mittry Lake

  1. Jim. She’s a Mexican dog. Why not find a Mexican vet. Probably a whole lot cheaper.
    Or one of those discount Mexican dentists. I bet they would clean her teeth for less than $50.

    Enjoy your travels.


    • Her teeth cleaning will cost upwards of $185. I just had mine cleaned in Mexico for $35. DUH. Go figure. I guess I’m just chopped liver in this family.

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  2. Good luck to Chica on Thursday! I look forward to a photo of her pretty new smile. That Nikon Cool Pix was my favorite camera too but it took a tumble into a waterfall and that was that. Glad you like your Garmin. The Roadtrek has a built-in TomTom but it’s pretty much useless – unless you actually like getting lost. I went back to my trusty dashboard Garmin.

    It was great hanging out with you guys!

    • Hi Alicia,

      That is great news. I knew you no longer worked at Lowe’s. Glad to here you got out of there.

      I am headed back to SO CA in a couple of days and would love to take you out to lunch one day.

      Take care,


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  3. We had both girls’ teeth cleaned last fall and with all their shots and check up it about broke the bank. But they are so worth it. Skitz had to have a couple of teeth pulled but it sure hasn’t slowed her down in the eating department. Glad you got everything fixed and working again. Enjoy your good times with good friends.

  4. Have been reading all of the different blogs about the good times at Mittry Lake – what a fantastic bunch of people all having such fun! I’m so jealous! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  5. Getting things all fixed up should improve your traveling. And, a camera is essential for keeping us informed about your adventures. Hope Chica appreciates your attention to her well being.

  6. I have been reading your blog for about 3 yrs on and off. Do you still enjoy Harvest Hosts? Sorry that was question one. We have been full-timers for 2 yrs after reading the blogs on Hitchitch for research on tips. I have done 2 seasons at C’ville Ky for Amazon. For the first time we have volunteered at a W Va rec area for the summer. Guess that will get our feet wet. Next yr want to go to Oregon and Washington and maybe work as hosts. Any advice would be appreciated. Love the blog and Chica!

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