Home for the Summer

Lake Harriet

I made the trip from Salem, OR to Lake Harriet where I will be camphosting for the summer.  What a beautiful spot!  It is located in the Mt Hood National Forest.  I am parked right next to the Clackamah River.  The river flows into Lake Harriet where there is a dam controlled by the Portland General Electric Company (PGE).  PGE is the concessionaire for many of the campgrounds in the local area.

First couple of days very busy

My first day there was orientation at the Timothy Lake Lodge.  I had to drive a bit to get there including 7 miles on a gravel road.  There are many other camp hosts up here and many have been with the company for several years.  It was nice meeting everyone, but I will be darned if I can remember their names.  Most of the camp hosts are located around Timothy Lake.

The next day we car pooled over to another PGE site closer to Estacada where we were instructed on first aid.  It was very different then the first aid I was taught many years ago.  Things like snake bites and CPR.

Lake Harriet open for camping, but not open at the same time.

The campground isn’t supposed to open until May 15, but the weekend was so nice that campers started to move in earlier.  Since it is not officially open we cannot charge them so they got free camping for the weekend and until the 15th.

My campground was completely full.  I had been in orientation and first aid training for the two days since I have been here and no chance to clean any of the 3 pit toilets.  I also didn’t have any supplies so I had to make a run up to Timothy Lodge to pick up the supplies I would need in order to clean the toilets.  I couldn’t believe the entire campground was full including the Day Use area.  I got all the pit toilets cleaned up and will work on the campsites this week.

My home for the summer.

I took a couple of pics of my site.  It is spectacular.


I am right on the river.  It is so cool.






Chica enjoying the outdoors

Chica also likes our spot except for the chilly nights when she has to do here duties.  She does it very quickly and then back into her warm home.  I will get some pics of her on the next post. 

11 thoughts on “Home for the Summer

  1. Jimbo…Wishing you a great summer near Mt. Hood. I won’t be camp hosting this summer but Nola and I may come visit you later in the season. Looks great!!!

    David (1998 LD MB)

  2. What a beautiful site! I’m going to volunteer (cleaning yurts) at Tumalo State Park in Bend, Oregon for the month of July. It’s my first time, but I love Oregon. I hope to boondock on the Oregon Coast for the month of August. Have a great summer!

  3. You are really going to enjoy that site this summer. It’s beautiful. Those lucky folks to be able to camp for free.

  4. Jim We are likely one of the names u don’t remember. I have been reading your post for a long time. Had not read recent ones till after the meetings u mentioned. We will make a point of introducing our selves. We are in estacada at timber park. Another pge day use area. Welcome.

    Enjoy your adventure Rick & Jaynie


  5. You sure have a pretty site there. From the sound of things starting before official opening, you will be busy this summer!

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