My New Home

Wet winter sets record

This winter set the record for the most rainfall in the Portland area.  Wouldn’t you know it.   There was one day it even snowed a bit but not enough to accumulate. All this time I have been staying at the Clackamus River RV Park.  I stayed nice and dry while indoors in my Lazy Daze.

Move in day

All the time I am waiting for my new modular home to be built, delivered and set-up.  They completed it on February 8 and it was delivered to the site, but I had to wait until the set-up was completed and the deck that was added to the side was built. Then I could move in.  It took them longer to build the deck due to the rainy weather.

On March 24th I signed my life away.  HA! Then I moved in on March 25.  The only funiture I had in there was the bed as they had already delivered and set it up.  I received a new couch and chair on Sat. March 26.  Then things started to trickle in that I had ordered.

I have been very busy shopping for my new home.  I have lived in my RV almost 6 years and didn’t have anything when I moved in.  I didn’t want to have to move things back and forth from home to RV and then back to home each time I went on the road.  So I have been buying everything new for my new home such as bedding, dishes, cookware, silverware, etc.  Here is a pic of my new abode.


Assembly Line

I feel like I have been working on an assembly  line for the last few weeks.  It has been something new each day.  I found a nice end table that would go great in my living room at Fred Meyer.  It took the better part of a day to assemble it.  Trying to figure out the instructions for some of these assemble pieces is a nightmare.  But I didn’t do too badly and everything turned out OK.  Chica really enjoys this spot.  Before I got the table I had the bear lamp on the floor.  That bear is almost the same size as Chica.  One day I spotted her when she went up and licked the bear on the mouth.   HA! 


The next item I purchased was a bar stool that I will use for sitting at my bar to eat and check my computer.  It was also not an easy assembly however I was able to muster through it.


Barbecue Assembly

My next item was an outdoor barbecue.  I will never buy another barbecue unless it is assembled and delivered.  This thing took all day.  It was a hassle just getting it out of the box!  With a lot of patience and assembling and reassembling I finally finished it off.  Then I got my tank filled and it fired up the first time I tried it.  I am really enjoying my barbecue.

Small Table and two chairs

The final item I had to assemble was a small table and two chairs.  It is the perfect size for my new bay window.  It took most of the day but not as bad as I though it would be.  Chica’s table is right next to mine. She is really getting used to her new home and loves to take walks down to the river.


Still RVing

Just because I now have a new home doesn’t mean I will stop RVing.  I will be camp hosting for 3 months in the summer starting in  May.  I will be at Lake Harriet in Oregon where I worked last summer.  I was really glad that PGE called me back again.  It will help to make the house payments.  YUK!!!

I am also planning on traveling to Quartzsite next winter for a month to meet up with all my friends who I haven’t seen in some time.  

29 thoughts on “My New Home

  1. Nice, I want the same thing. I’ve had a park model before and loved it. Good luck and enjoy!!!!!

  2. Love your new home. I’m glad to see you will continue RVing. Did you buy property and a house separately? Where is this, it’s so beautiful. We are thinking of doing the same. Thanks so much for your help.

  3. I’m so happy and proud for you! The exterior looks great. How about some interior shots. Looks like you have an electric fireplace. Is a large flatscreen tv over it? I hope you have many, many years of enjoyment ahead.

  4. Congratulations, Jim! What a beautiful home you have. Yes, assembling furniture is a true test of character–your choices fit nicely & look great! China looks happy & comfortable.

  5. Hello Jim, Enjoyed reading of your new abode and transition. Relieved that the major portion is done; also that your steady-Faithful LD will continue as your magic carpet.

    Sounds like you could use a short get-away! Invite you toLD Caravan at Live Oak May 18-22.

    Again, applaud all that you’ve accomplished. Keep us all in the loop. Yes, we did miss you at Roger’s HalfAcre – we also planning for 2017.

    Jack & Jeannette

  6. Jim, so good to hear from you again. Sounds like you are getting nicely settled in your new place. I really love the house, outside and in. Should be a great home base for you to travel from.

    We are currently on vacation in Italy. We are in Taormino Sicily for the next few days and then will fly to the Italian mainland for the rest of our vacation. We’re traveling with another couple, one of whom speaks some Italian, so that is nice. So far, we’ve had a great time and seem some wonderful sites as well as much of the beautiful island.

    Take care and hope you and Chica enjoy the new home! Tami

    On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 5:00 PM, Jimbos Journeys wrote:

    > Jim Melvin posted: “Wet winter sets record This winter set the record for > the most rainfall in the Portland area. Wouldn’t you know it. There was > one day it even snowed a bit but not enough to accumulate. All this time I > have been staying at the Clackamus River RV Park. ” >

  7. Your place is wonderful. I watch the Tiny Homes series on HGTV and your place reminds me of some of those. Compact, but very functional. Looks like you live in a beautiful area, as well.

  8. It looks like you have yourself the perfect sized home for yourself and Chica.
    I know what you mean about having t assemble some of those products. Kathy and I fought to get a storage shed together because the instructions lied.
    We’ll be in Quartzsite this winter as well for the first time. Hope our paths may cross.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  9. Love the new home base! Glad Chica is in agreement.

    We, too, will be in Quartzite for the first this coming winter. We are presently sitting in snowy Yellowstone awaiting the start of our seasonal jobs. If you or any of your readers head this way, stop by and say hello. I will be working in the gas station at Fishing Bridge.

  10. Jim,
    Love your new home. Stayed in one near Lake Champlain in Vermont. We would like to do the same thing one of these days after we settle down. Hope to visit you this summer and check out the area. Congratulations!

  11. It looks awesome!- so glad it finally came together! Bummed that we had to cancel our visit to see you but will now plan on coming in the fall. Wish Mom and Dad could of seen your new place.

  12. Wow, Jimbo, your new home is just beautiful! Great idea to get all new things for the house, I think I’d do the same thing. You are going to be so happy there – and Chica, too. I hope you’ll post more about the house as you add more things. I want a park model if and when I finally find the right one. Is your home 400 sf (park model size)? Is that a loft, or high windows? I just love the style of your house!

    I look forward to seeing you in Q next year! 🙂

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