Back to Lake Harriet

Back to Lake Harriet

Well her I am back at Lake Harriet campgrounds for the summer.  It was bittersweet leaving my home after only living there for 5 weeks.  I was disappointed when I had to leave, but once I got done to my camp host site in Lake Harriet Campgrounds all that changed.


I still have the same site this year overlooking the river and it didn’t take me long to set up my easy chair right on the bank of the Oak Grove Fork of the Clackamus River.  DSC_0063

Chica and I sit out here almost every night, just watching the river go by.  We also see a lot of ducks floating in every direction.

The weather was quite different this year than last.  For one thing we got a lot more rain in May and June.  That kept a lot of the campers away, but once the temperature hit 100 in Portland they came out in droves.  The rain has backed off now that we are into July so a lot more campers.  This park fills up every weekend.

Waterfalls around Lake Harriet

I decided to take some pics of the waterfalls around the lake.  They are just small waterfalls but very calming if you are near them.  It doesn’t look like we will have a repeat of the drought that we had last year.  There are lots of flowers in bloom everywhere.




Reading Email

I have to drive 5.5 miles to the Ripplebrook Store in order to read my email.  It is a nice quiet drive through the woods.  I usually make this trip on Sundays or when I am expecting a certain email.  I always take Chica with me and she calmly sits on the bench next to me just watching the cars and people go by.  My computer always recognizes the Wi-Fi almost immediately, but it takes my phone a while.  I am not sure why that happens.

I still can’t make a phone call from there but at least I can get on line and check email, bank and credit card accounts.






11 thoughts on “Back to Lake Harriet

  1. Boy that is beautiful. Good to here that you are settled in your house and your summer vocation
    Lots happening with us. Going to Vegas / Sept. Reunion with friends. Work for Amazon in Campbellsville. Then going to Australia in Jan. for a month to see grand kids.
    Then who knows.

  2. Great to hear from you again Jim! Do you get back to your ‘other’ home on your two days off from the campground? Or do you just stay full time at Harriet Lake? Enjoy your summer!

    • I have only spent the night at my new home once and that is before the campground opened. Nobody here at the CG in case of emergency.

  3. Nice to hear from you again. I too, sometimes regret leaving my summer home in the mid-west, but once I’m in my RV and volunteer position for the winter, I’m happy there too. How blessed it is to have both. Have a great summer!

  4. Wishing you a great summer Jim. Nola and I will try and get up in your neighborhood as soon as we complete the camper build of our new van.

    I miss camp hosting. Have fun!

    David Roderick

  5. Nice to hear from you. We thought about stopping by Lake Harriet on our way from Bend to Portland but couldn’t find a good way to get there, and it didn’t look like there were too many sites we could fit in, anyway. Glad you and Chica are enjoying yourselves!

    • Too bad you didn’t come as we have several really large sites right on the water. It is a bit hard to get to, but that is why I like it.

  6. Really great to hear from you. I love the sound of water falling over rocks. It is very calming. Have a wonderful summer.

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