Lake Harriet Improvements

Many Improvements since last year

This is the new and improved Day Use area with the new boat ramp and trailer parking.


The weekends and holidays would get very busy with sometimes as many as 40 cars/trucks parked anywhere I could fit them in.


All new docks

PGE really went overboard and installed all new docks.  This was the one that replaced the old wooden dock.


Another view taken at sunset looking out at the lake.


This is the fishing dock.  This pic does not do it justice since it is much longer then it appears.  It goes a very long way along the lake.  It is very popular for fishing and very busy during weekends and holidays.


This is a view looking back at the Day Use area.


New bathrooms

This next pic shows the new bathrooms.  There is one in the Day Use area and one in the campgrounds for the campers.  They were much easier to maintain.


Campground Improvements

They also replaced all of the wooden picnic tables with cement tables and replaced all the fire pits as well.

Now there are only seven sites for me to maintain which makes my job easier, but the day use traffic has gone crazy so that makes up for it.

Future Plans

I just got an email from my boss asking me to return in 2019 for my 5th consecutive year.  Of course I said yes so will be going back again probably in May to September.  It is an adjustment for both myself and Chica, but we both enjoyed it last year.  Chica accepts it as her second home.




8 thoughts on “Lake Harriet Improvements

  1. Jim – Always enjoy reading your updates. Maybe your continued presence helped Adm make all those good improvements. Happy Trails — Jack & Jeannette Walker LazyDaze

  2. Good to hear from you , Jim. I’m thinking of going North next year and hope to see you. I just got back from five weeks on the road. Stayed in California the whole time except when driving through a little of Nevada to get to 395. It was a beautiful fall in the Eastern Sierra.

  3. Great photos Jim and some really nice changes to the campground. Now it’s your time to relax and enjoy your cabin/cottage for the winter. Or will you be heading to the southwest?
    Nice to hear from you again!

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