Pip Pip Ole Boy. I’m off to MY country club today.

Yakima Elks Golf and Country Club

The Yakima Elks Lodge is right off 97.  My GPS took me to this road and I thought The GPS had guided me down the wrong road.  But the sign reads Yakima Elks so it had to be right.


The entrance and down a long road to the lodge.





What a place.  This has to be the most fantastic Elks Lodge I have ever stayed at.   There was no camp host to tell me where to go so I just pulled over, went inside, showed my card and paid.  Then I could pick any site that was available.  I grabbed the one closest to the driving range.  I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would have golf course property.  At least for two nights.  Whoopee!!!

View out my window

I took these pics out my window so they are a bit dark.  The first one looks out to the driving range.


This guy pulled up in a real fancy golf cart with sides and chrome wheels.  HA!


This is a view of the course and the practice putting green.  The course is highly manicured.


This shows where I am parked for 2 nights.  They park the rigs right on the edge of the golf course.  It was $25 per night and well worth it with water, electricity and dump station.  I’m the little guy on the end.



They serve dinners here  from 5 to 8 pm Wednesday thru Saturday.  I got here on Tuesday so heated up some frozen Trader Joe’s pizza and scarfed.  It was good, but plan on going into the lodge tonight for dinner.

I have stayed at many Elks Lodges since joining, but never anything like this.  I feel like I just joined the rich and the famous.  Even Chica is strutting her stuff on her walks!

I am an elk – don’t shoot me!

After leaving Belle Starr’s Silverado Ranch I journeyed to Benson, AZ to get ready for my Elks Lodge interview.  I had gone to a seminar at the Gypsy Gathering Rally in Yuma to see what was involved in joining the Moose and Elks Lodges.  I filled out all the forms and paid for my membership for both organizations.   To get in the Elks I had to be interviewed by several of their members.

They contacted me and set up the interview for 2:00 Sat 4/02.  Their members were very friendly and the interview went well.  Now I just had to wait until Monday night to be voted on by the other members of the local Elks Lodge.  I was staying at the Escapees Saguaro CO-OP for the four days it would take to become a member.

On Monday I was accepted by the other members to become an Elk member.  Then we all stayed for hot dogs and cake afterward and got acquainted with each other.

Tuesday morning I took off for Deming, NM.  to get my RV serviced.    Here I am crossing into New Mexico.  I really love the beauty of New Mexico.  But above anything else is that you can purchase an Annual Pass for the state parks for $225 that will knock $10 off the cost of any of their campsites.  It you want electric/water it normally costs $14 per night, but with the Annual Pass it only costs $4 per night.  I almost always boondock (dry camp with no hookups) and the cost to me with the pass is $0.  That’s right, it is absolutly FREE!!!  What a bargain!

I needed to get my RV serviced and their was a good mechanic in Deming I have used before and came highly recommended by my my LOW’s club members.  It is JT’s Auto Service.  If you are ever in the area check him out.  I got up early Wednesday morning and drove to JT’s where they took me in immediately, got the RV serviced and headed out to Leasburg Dam State Park.  I wanted to get there on Wed because there were predictions of high winds for the next several days.

I made it to Leasburg Dam State Park, found a spot and got set up before the high winds kicked in.  The winds will be with me for the next four days.  There are a lot of high winds this time of year in New Mexico and they can gust up to 40-60 mph.  It does help to keep the temperature down in the 70’s.  I took this pic of my campsite at Leasburg State Park.

I will be getting out later to survey the area and walk the numerous hiking trails.  See ya soon!