Rain, Rain Go Away!

No June Gloom in Oregon

It has been raining off and on it seems almost since the day I arrived.  There have been some really nice days and they were great but they have been few and far between.  But being from Southern California before I started fulltiming I guess I am just not used to this type of weather.  In So Cal June was always know as the “June Gloom“.  This was caused by a marine layer that would block out the sun.  But hardly any rain.  They don’t have a marine layer up here in OR, just a lot of rain clouds.

Even the birds stay inside

Today it even snowed on and off but melted once it hit the ground.  The colder weather sure has kept a lot of people away from the campgrounds.  There have been days when I only get one or two campers in here and only for one night.  Even the birds stay nestled in their forest apartments where it is probably nice and warm.

The forecast looks good for the next few days although it isn’t exactly warm.  Once the sun comes out daily I am sure there will be an abundance of flowers in this campground.

Let’s hope so anyway.