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Back online

Well I didn’t get my computer fixed (at least not completely).  I did pick it up and Charlie at My Internet in Yuma did replace the power plug on the computer’s mother board.  But after plugging in the AC adapter realized there is also a pin missing on it as well.  I can not leave it any longer for him to fix but will have to work on it later.

Picked up new computer

The big news is that I picked up my new computer from the FedEx store in Yuma.  They called this morning and I couldn’t wait to get down there.  This new computer is going to be a real learning curve for me.  I finally made the big switch from Windows to

My New Mac Book Pro

I opened the box in my rig at the FedEx Store and spent almost an hour playing with it and trying to figure out the difference between it and my old Windows PC.  In a nutshell – I LOVE IT!

Things do come a little slow but I am starting to figure it out.  Well enough on the subject of computers.

Getting hotter

The weather here is getting much warmer.  The highs are in the mid 80’s and not too cold at night.  The only bummer is that it has been quite windy.  I guess they don’t call my camp area Hurricane Ridge for nothing.

Andrea left this week to catch up with the WINS.  Ann and Jerry were staying down in Senator’s Wash but had to move after 14 days.  Now they too are up on Hurricane Ridge for 14 days and then will move on down to Senator’s Wash again.  They had the family over last week and had a wonderful time being entertained by their grand-kids.

Thursday is hike day

Every Thursday a large group gathers to go on a hike.  The first hike I participated in was to an arch.  It was about a 5 mile hike round-trip and the hiking wasn’t necessarily easy.  The hike was led by a guy that was 80 years old, but you sure couldn’t tell.  He walked at a very fast pace and kept everybody moving.  Up and down a lot of steep hills and over a lot of rocks.  It was a good workout for everyone.

Hiking to the Arch

We all made it to the arch after about a 2-2 1/2 mile hike.  The we all took a break and ate lunch.

Made it to the Arch

It was an absolutely beautiful day.

It was sure a great day and everyone enjoyed the hike.

I am glad to be able to get back online and posting again.  There is nothing worse then when you have computer problems.