Visiting with son

Visiting day

I drove down to Oceanside, CA where it would be more convenient to visit with my son.  He lives in Temecula, CA which is only about an hour away.  While in Oceanside I stayed at the Elks Lodge.

Out on the town…

We got together Friday night and spent some time just catching up with what the other has been doing.  It sure was good just to see him rather then conversing through email.  We are both avid L A Kings hockey fans so we decided to go out to a sports bar where we could eat dinner, watch the game and have a few beers to boot.  It was a kick and the place we picked out was just a little local joint and it was a very cool.  By the way the Kings won 4-2.  GO KINGS!!!

Down to the pier

It rained cats and dogs Friday night and the wind was blowing like crazy.  Fortunately the rain stopped on Saturday but not the wind.  We decided to hike down to the pier and check out the local fare.  This guy was standing on one leg at the end of the pier.  It was a wonder that he did not get blown off.


This is a pic of my son who looked very wind-blown.  It was so windy that there were no surfers out.


This is a pic of myself.  You can’t even tell it is me.

This pelican didn’t even want to stand up.  Too damn cold!


Here we have a look at the beach.  Nobody at all in the water.

Another shot of the surf.

The life guards didn’t have anyone to watch.  I took this pic of them taking a lunch break.

Late Saturday afternoon he left to visit some old high school friends.  We had a great time and it will probably be a while before I get to see him again.  Tuesday I will be heading north to take care of a few items that need attention on my rig.


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Still in SO California

On the move…

Last week I moved from Oceanside Elks to the Mission Viejo Elks.  I had to attend a memorial to a prior boss.  I was only at the MV Elks for 3 days (which is all they allow at one time).  You just park in a parking lot with no hook-ups.  I then moved out to O’Neil Park for 2 days only.  I knew I was taking my rig into the local Ford dealer (where I have taken it several times before) for service and check a few items.

Need some work done on rig…

I took my computer with me so I had something to do while in their waiting room.  They were going to check my brakes and a normal service, plus also check to see why it has been so sluggish lately..  When going down the mountains I can smell the brakes.  I am very careful when driving in the mountains and don’t stand on my brakes all the time.

All I needed was a simple check up…HA!

They said that the brakes were OK, but also suggested I get a major tune-up.  It hadn’t been done in some time so went ahead and took care of that.  They road tested it and it was still sluggish.  I needed a new catalytic converter.  BUMMER!!!

So after replacing the catalytic converter it runs really good.  Lots of pep.  I still might have them replace the rear brakes anyway and turn the rotors.  Better to do it now then when I am on the road somewhere in no-man’s-land trying to find someone to help me.

No place to call home!

After leaving the dealer on Thursday I returned to O’Neil Park and requested 6 nights.  NO WAY says the park ranger.  We are booked through Easter.  She did have space available for that night only.  I stayed there that night.  PANIC MODE!!!  I called several other parks in the area and they were all booked up.  Then I called the MV Elks and they said come on down.  They don’t have very much space and there were already 3 other rigs there, but I was able to squeeze into a spot.  I am here for 3 days and then will probably return to O’Neil Park as I am only allowed 3 days maximum at the MV Elks.

Back to Oceanside in another week

I also got in touch with my son and we decided to meet up in Oceanside where we can hang out and catch up with each other.  So it looks like I may be returning to the Oceanside Elks for another week.  I am really glad I joined the Elks when I did.  They are life savers this week-end when everywhere else is full.

Duck in egg



The Flower Fields

The Flower Fields

I spent the weekend parked at the Mission Viejo Elks Lodge.  No hookups, but $5 per night sure was sweet.  My sister picked me up and spent the weekend at their home.  It was good seeing them again and we had a wonderful time just trying to catch up.

Sunday we drove down to Carlsbad to visit “The Flower Fields”.  The day was overcast but just perfect to see the flowers.  Not too hot.

At the entrance their are many beautiful displays.

Then there were acres and acres of flowering ranunculus.  Each plant was grown from a seed.

There was even a greenhouse full of cymbidium orchids.

At the far end of the field they had a huge American flag made out of flowers.

This was really something to see.  If you are in the area I would suggest going within the next couple of weeks and check out these beautiful fields.

Oceanside to San Juan Capistrano via Amtrak

All Aboard…

I arrived in Oceanside on Wednesday and parked at the Elks lodge with water and electric.  They also have a dump station, laundry and workout room.  At $18 per night you can’t beat it.  On Thursday I walked about a mile to the train station and hopped on the northbound train to San Juan Capistrano.  I would be staying at my sister and brother-in-law’s home for a few days.  The train ride was very nice skirting along the coast.  I got to see many surfers just south of San Clemente (my old stomping grounds).  I took the following pics from the train as it was flying down the tracks.

Good ole San Clemente pier…

This is the San Clemente pier.  I used to love to walk down to it when I lived in San Clemente.  San Clemente is a great little coastal town.

Golf, lunch with Mom, birthday party and return to Oceanside

The following day we played golf (which I haven’t done for some time) and had a great time.  Saturday we picked up my mom and we all went out to lunch.  It sure was good to see her!  Sunday we celebrated my niece’s (and her boyfriend’s) birthday.  Then I was  going to get dropped off at the train station to return to Oceanside.  But it was pouring rain so they offered to drive me down to Oceanside the next morning since they were getting together for golf for a few days with friends in that area.

I will be staying at the Oceanside Elks for a few more days and then head back to Orange County for more family GTG’s.