Texas Domicile – Step One

I left Tyler, TX for a few days to travel 125 miles south to the Rainbow’s End Escapee Park in Livingston, TX.  This is also the Escapee Headquarters.  The Escapees is a great organization for those of us who are full timers.  They have parks all across the country at very reasonable rates.  Just the camaraderie of fellow Escapees is worth the annual cost ($60).

By the way, it is almost to the Gulf of Mexico but not much cooler.  My brother-in-law Bob gave me this t-shirt and it was very appropriate wear at this time.

I looked at the schedule for the Rainbow’s End RV Park and it had a tour of the Escapees Care Center at 11:00am.  Don’t get me wrong, I am physically fit and don’t have any health issues but I am always thinking of the future just in case.  What if I broke a leg and couldn’t travel for a while?  I was met by Bill who is the volunteer activity director at the Care Center.  He showed me an 18 minute video that shows how the Care Center operates and then answered many questions by both myself and others as well.  I will go into this later in a separate post.

Care Center.

By the way, I am changing to Texas domicile for health insurance costs among other reasons.  Then I was off to downtown Livingston where I had to get my RV inspected and then to the Texas Tax Office to change registration from California to Texas.  The inspection only took about 15 minutes.  There is no emission test like in California.  Then it was off to the Tax office.

I had all the paper work but they wanted a picture of the vehicle as well as the tag inside the driver side door which shows the total empty weight of the vehicle.  That turned out to be a major bummer.  I would have to take the picture and then print it out.  Every picture I took came out blurry and could not be read.

Another bad picture.

Finally after several tries I realized I had the setting wrong on my camera.  Once I changed it the picture came out perfect.

Then I printed it and the pic of my rig and headed back to the Tax office.  By this time I was sweating bullets because of the heat and no A/C running in my rig since I was not hooked up to electricity.

I filled out all the forms and paid my money and got my Texas license plates.  I was the only person there getting new registration.  It is amazing how fast you can get things done in a small town.  I was always used to CA Dept of Motor Vehicles which is an absolute zoo and takes hours of waiting in line just to talk to someone.

It was late in the day and I was worn out so I will leave the Drivers License for the next day.  I will go over all this in detail on another post giving you all that is required at each step of the process.

I drove back to the campground, hooked up, turned on the A/C and opened a beer.  At that moment I got a call from my buddy Jack Smith who I met last year in Columbus, New Mexico.  He is also a fellow Michigander like myself from Battle Creek.  He was in Oregon at the time and was telling me about the great weather he is having.  It sure was good talking with him.

Now I just have to put my plates on the rig and the sticker on my window.  To be continued tomorrow with the Drivers License.