I am an elk – don’t shoot me!

After leaving Belle Starr’s Silverado Ranch I journeyed to Benson, AZ to get ready for my Elks Lodge interview.  I had gone to a seminar at the Gypsy Gathering Rally in Yuma to see what was involved in joining the Moose and Elks Lodges.  I filled out all the forms and paid for my membership for both organizations.   To get in the Elks I had to be interviewed by several of their members.

They contacted me and set up the interview for 2:00 Sat 4/02.  Their members were very friendly and the interview went well.  Now I just had to wait until Monday night to be voted on by the other members of the local Elks Lodge.  I was staying at the Escapees Saguaro CO-OP for the four days it would take to become a member.

On Monday I was accepted by the other members to become an Elk member.  Then we all stayed for hot dogs and cake afterward and got acquainted with each other.

Tuesday morning I took off for Deming, NM.  to get my RV serviced.    Here I am crossing into New Mexico.  I really love the beauty of New Mexico.  But above anything else is that you can purchase an Annual Pass for the state parks for $225 that will knock $10 off the cost of any of their campsites.  It you want electric/water it normally costs $14 per night, but with the Annual Pass it only costs $4 per night.  I almost always boondock (dry camp with no hookups) and the cost to me with the pass is $0.  That’s right, it is absolutly FREE!!!  What a bargain!

I needed to get my RV serviced and their was a good mechanic in Deming I have used before and came highly recommended by my my LOW’s club members.  It is JT’s Auto Service.  If you are ever in the area check him out.  I got up early Wednesday morning and drove to JT’s where they took me in immediately, got the RV serviced and headed out to Leasburg Dam State Park.  I wanted to get there on Wed because there were predictions of high winds for the next several days.

I made it to Leasburg Dam State Park, found a spot and got set up before the high winds kicked in.  The winds will be with me for the next four days.  There are a lot of high winds this time of year in New Mexico and they can gust up to 40-60 mph.  It does help to keep the temperature down in the 70’s.  I took this pic of my campsite at Leasburg State Park.

I will be getting out later to survey the area and walk the numerous hiking trails.  See ya soon!