Visiting the Musical Instrument Museum

Headed for the Musical Instrument Museum

Yesterday I had the day off and wanted to visit the Musical Instrument Museum.  It came highly recommended and I did want to see it before I left the area.  It is located in Phoenix about 20 miles from where I am staying.  I can only say that it was a remarkable find and now is one of the very finest museums I have seen.

Lots of Instruments…

There are lots of musical instruments from all over the world and many that I saw for the very first time.  It even showed you the steps involved in making many of these instruments as show in this pic of the making of a cymbal.


There were also many displays of musicians as well.  This next pic was the display of Dick Dale who wrote and played surf music in the early 60’s  I always remember when I used to go to a dance joint in Anaheim where he always played on the weekends.  This guy could play the same guitar both left and right handed.  It was really something to see.


This is the piano that John Lennon had purchased for his home.  It was the same piano he used when he composed “Imagine”.


Here is a guitar that was used by Eric Clapton.


Listening to music throughout the museum

The cost of admission was $18 with no discount for seniors.  However it was well worth every penny.  They give you headphones and a receiver.  As you walk up to the individual displays the receiver picks up the sound from that display.  You are constantly listening to each display as you walk throughout the museum.  It was really a trip.  While walking through one portion of the museum a worker mentioned that they were going to demonstrate how the Apollonia works.  It essential works with air that runs all these instruments mechanically.  It was used in dance clubs back in the late 20’s and early 30’s.   It had amazing sound.  It even played a version of “Day Dream Believer” by the Monkeys.


Instruments from all parts of the world…

The following are a few pics of many different musical instruments used in many different parts of the world.





Player piano jewsharp and air guitar…

My grandmother had a player piano in her home and I always loved to play it.  It was so much fun.


My uncle bought me a jewsharp when I was very young.  It is the only musical instrument that I own and still have it to this day.  They actually  came from Asia as I saw many of them in the Asian displays.


The last instrument was surprising as I have been know to play this as well.  It is the air guitar.  HA!  They even have huge air guitar competitions.


Here are a couple of displays I really enjoyed.  The first was a collection of harmonicas.


The last was a collection of many different guitars.


If you are in the Phoenix area you really need to stop and check out this fabulous Musical Instrument Museum.  You will really enjoy it.