Rockhound State park – Spring Canyon hike

Thursday I got an email from Jim and Gayle who had just arrived at Rockhound State Park.  They wondered if I would like to meet them there after I left Columbus. I wrote back that I would meet them the following day. I had already seen the dentist in Palomas, Mexico and was just waiting for a break in the wind (sounds familiar) which came on Friday.

I got settled in and then we went on a hike in Spring Canyon.  It is located just a few miles from Rockhound State Park.  What a neat place.  Lots of cliffs!!

Here is a pic of Jim and Gayle as we were heading down the trail.

They even took a pic of yours truly.  This proves I was actually on the hike.  HA!

It was a great day.  Later on I got to meet Andy Baird who is also staying at Rockhound.  We all got together in Jim and Gayle’s rig and had ice cream and cookies and enjoyed each others company.  It was the end of a great day.  I will probably be here a few days before heading out to Oliver Lee State Park.