Visiting Family on Father’s Day – One of the Great Benefits of RVing.

After my son went to church with the family they drove out to Cedar Hill State Park where I am camped for 2 weeks to spend Father’s Day with me.  I called to tell him to notify me when they got close to the campground.  I would drive my RV to the entrance of the park and as long as I was in the car with them I could cover their $5 per adult entrance fee with my Texas State Parks Pass.  By the way it also covers my entrance fee each day I am in a Texas State Park.

I hate to admit it and feel very stupid, but I was having such a wonderful day with my family I completely forgot to take pictures.  I had my camera handy in my pants pocket but forgot it was even there.  You will just have to use your imagination to picture the six of us comfortably visiting and playing games in my home on wheels.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

It was 102 degrees outside but very comfortable inside with the A/C running all day.  The restroom was conveniently across the street from my rig.  We all had a great time playing several games including a new game on TV called baggage where each person has to tell something secret about themselves that the others don’t know.  That was really fun.  Then we played the old card game called War.  Rachel was the winner of that game.   My son Curt gave me 2 bottles of Joe T Garcia’s Salsa both hot and mild and a huge package of sweet rolls which I will be enjoying for days.  The kids gave me a sunglasses case enscribed with “Maui Jim’ on it.  That’s about as close to Hawaii as I will get.

I barbequed cheeseburgers for dinner with beans, chips and cookies.  Everyone chowed down.  Curt, Eric and Rachael went for a short walk but didn’t stay out too long before they came back to the comfort of the RV.  In Texas 5:00pm is the hottest point of the day and it did hit 102. YUK!!!!!

They didn’t leave until almost 9:00.  I told them it was the VERY BEST Father’s Day I have ever had.  It was so much fun enjoying this special day with my family.  It was the first time I was able to be with my family all together.  Living in CA I would see them one at a time and I had never seen my granddaughter prior to this trip to Texas.  That is one of the GREAT benefits of RVing.  I was able to travel to see them and spend some real quality time with each one.

I will be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and will be seeing them again before I leave to head further east in my travels.  This is really a blessing.

Next time I will remember to take pictures.  However the memory of this day is implanted in my brain forever.


I landed at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport on Monday and wouldn’t you know it but it was the first day of 3 digit temperatures for the year.  I didn’t bring the hot weather with me since it was only in the 70’s when I was in So CA.  When I flew to CA I had only packed short sleeve shirts and shorts.  Luckily I brought a couple pair of jeans as well.  I really needed them.  I had to borrow long sleeved shirts from my brother in law Bob just to stay warm.  There were times when I was actually cold.  Not so in Texas.

Flying back into Dallas/Fort Worth I noticed the heat immediately after getting off the plane.  Now it is Saturday and in the sixth day of 100 degree temperatures.  Today it is supposed to reach 104 and tomorrow it will cool down to 101.  LOL!!!  However it is going to really cool down on Monday when it will  reach 98 and Tuesday when it is forecast to ONLY go to 92.

Needless to say I am not used to this weather since I have been traveling mostly in New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  The problem isn’t necessarily the heat but the humidity.  Texas is a very humid state thus you perspire a great deal.  I have been in the other states when it is in the high 90’s and 100 but it doesn’t feel quite as hot.

I am camped at Cedar Hill State Park just south of Dallas and will be here for another 10 days before I start heading east.  When I checked in here on Tuesday I asked for a campsite near the water and was shaded.  The lady told me I was right on the water and there was plenty of shade.  She was correct in that I was on the water and the picnic table had lots of shade, but my rig was not shaded at all at any time during the day.  I stuck with that site while my grandson Garrett was here so we could do some fishing.  My son Curt picked him up yesterday and I decided to move to a different site where my rig would be shaded.

This is a pic taken out my window of the beautiful shaded spot I selected.

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Another pic of my dining room.  Not too shabby!!

As you can see my rig is well shaded.

This site in the shade has lowered the interior temperature more then 10 degrees from a previous 86 down to a comfortable low 70’s.  Of course that is with the A/C running constantly.  I am just glad I don’t have to pay for the electricity.

I am very comfortable now and am fortunate I have such a wonderful view.  Plus the trees cut down on the wind.  Life is Good !!!

Big Fishing Day at Cedar Hill State Park

I flew in from CA on Monday and stayed at my son and his wife’s home for the night. They drove me out to pick up my rig on Tuesday and then drove to the Cedar Hill State Park just south of Dallas.  My grandson Garrett was going to spend a couple of days with me in my rig.  This was a good time for me to get better acquainted with him.  It was really fun having him with me.  At the same time it was really nice being back in my home on wheels and continue my travels.

Cedar Hill SP is on the Joe Pool Lake.  It is a big lake and Texas State Parks allows fishing from the shore in the state park without a fishing license.  Here is a pic of my grandson Garrett fishing from near our campsite.

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Another pic of fishing from the shoreline.

Wow he even caught one!!!  What a whopper!!

Grandpa didn’t want to be outdone so he had to catch one as well.  Now we both can brag about the huge fish we caught.  Of course we threw them back in the lake to be caught at a later time.

We had tried fishing during the day but it was much too hot.  It has been 101 each day so far.  Yuk !!!!!  I am not used to this heat so a lot of the day was spent inside my rig watching tv and reading while the a/c was blasting to keep us cool.

Of course there was a beautiful sunset to end our day.

I will be here for 2 weeks and then head farther east in Texas to a couple more state parks.

Visiting Family

It has been some time since my last blog but I have been very busy with family.  I arrived in Forth Worth, TX prior to the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  The first campground I checked out only had one site available but there was no shade.  Passed on that one and tried the next who did have a spot in the shade.

The next day I took the entire day to was all my clothes.  I have been on the go and staying in state parks where they don’t have laundromats ever since I crossed into Texas.  When you are on the move and camping in state parks you don’t get much time for laundry.

My son Curt, granddaughter Rachael and grandson Eric  picked me up at the campground and took me to their house where I stayed for the holiday weekend.  I was so happy to see them.

My grandson Garrett was going to be graduating from high school the following week.

All of us kids, both big and small played games all weekend.  It was really a blast.

Here the younger  kids are trying on the graduation cap of their big brother.

We all went to a Baccalaureate for Garrett prior to his graduation the following week.

Playing more fun games.

Here all all the grandkids at a golf driving range.  We all shared a large bucket of balls and everyone had fun.

Here are 3 of the 4 dogs waiting to get in to also take part in the fun.

On Monday night they drove me back to the campgrounds where I had to get ready to fly back to CA for my nephew’s wedding and doctor appointments.  I sure had a super great time spending time with everyone.  Once I return from CA I plan on staying in Cedar Hill State Park just south of Dallas and have the kids over to do some swimming and boating in the lake.