But I only had 2 beers! Hic!

Started Training…

I started the training for the Spring Training job Monday evening.  During the day I thought it would be a good idea to try to find out where the park is located so I wouldn’t be frantically driving around in rush our traffic to get there.  Using my Garmin I found it without any problem.  When I got home they called and wanted me to come in an hour earlier (5:00pm) to complete some initial paperwork.

On my return trip I thought since I had gone there once I wouldn’t need the Garmin so just drove there following the directions I had previously gotten.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  The next thing I knew I was in the middle of the airport and a lot of busy traffic.  DUH, Jim isn’t that why you have a Garmin in the first place?  I was able to get my Garmin out of the glove box and quickly input the address of the ballpark.  I even got there a bit early and was able to talk with some others who are also working there including my next door neighbors John and Jane.

How drunk is drunk?

The training tonight was all about alcohol.  Since many of us will be serving alcohol to the fans, we have to be able to detect when a person should not be allowed any more.  I was really impressed by the content of the class.  We also got our employee manuals and filled out endless reams of paperwork.  By the way, the training was held in the press box of the stadium.  What a view these guys have during a game.  I am sure the training sessions will be the only time I will be able to sit there.

The stadium in Tempe is about 9 miles from where I am staying in Mesa.  I am sure there is a better way to go then jumping on the freeway, but I haven’t found it yet.  I guess looking at a map would really help and not just relying on the Garmin.

Day off on Tuesday

Tuesday was a day off so I took that opportunity to do my “Honey Do’s”.  Picked up a few things at Walmart, bought gas and did a bunch of laundry left over from Quartzsite.  I did three loads and still have one load to go. YUK!

I was able to purchase a couple more milk cartons from Walmart so will do some more organizing today.  I hope to get everything squared away before I go to another training class tonight, including that last load of laundry.

Way too many people and way too much traffic…..

I sure am not used to this many people and the traffic here is crazy.  Prior to this the most traffic I have been in was in Fernley while working for Amazon.  They had a whooping two traffic lights and when Amazon let out it was rush hour for sure.  But nothing like the Phoenix area.  Someone told me that it was the nation’s seventh most populated city and I sure believe that.  I will probably go CRAZY after two months of working here.

Also I am in the flight path to the Sky Harbor airport.  I was BBQing last night and sat outside with my glass of wine and every minute or so I could spot an airliner on it’s approach to the airport.  LOTS OF PEOPLE AND LOTS OF NOISE.

Don’t forget your camera FOOL!!!

I completely forgot to take my camera with me the last couple of days.  I will try to be more diligent so that you can see what I am doing and where I am going rather then me just telling you.  I will follow up with some pics later.

My first day of towing

Leaving Quartzsite

Sunday I left Quartzsite to travel to Mesa, AZ where I will be staying for 2 months while working the LAA Angels spring training games.  John and I hooked up the rig before they left to show me the ins and outs.  It is not too complicated as I have a ball hitch and their is no brake buddy.  I had packed away most of the stuff on Saturday and there were only a few things I had to take attend to on Sunday.

There were 5 rigs left after I left.  Everyone is going in different directions, but we hope to all hook up together again either at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in the fall or at Quartzsite next winter.

Who is that guy tailgating me?

I pulled out and headed on down the road.  I could see this guy that kept tailgating me in my rear camera.  It went on for miles.  Just kidding!  it was my new to me Suzuki.  I can not see it in either rear view mirror, but I was watching it closely all the way to Phoenix in my rear camera.  I bought the rear camera on Ebay for about $150, but it cost me over $600 to have it installed.  I have not had a need for it until now but I knew when I bought it I would appreciate it once I got a toad.

Got gas in Vicksburg, AZ

I pulled into a gas station in Vicksburg to fill up with gas.  Since it was my first time towing a vehicle I wanted to make sure I had plenty of space.  NO PROBLEM!

Drove through Phoenix

I am glad I chose to travel on Sunday.  I did not want to hassle any rush hour traffic on Monday.  I think everyone was getting ready to watch the Super Bowl as the traffic was busy but not too busy.  My trusty Garmin led me right to the park and was I ever glad to get there.  I felt pretty proud of myself on my first towing experience.  It went without a hitch … or should I say it went with a hitch.  HA!

No electric!!

I unhooked and moved into my spot and started getting set up.  It has been a while since I stayed in an electric site and I should have plugged in first, but I didn’t.  Needless to say once I got everything in place, I plugged in and realized I didn’t have any electricity.  BUMMER!  I called the manager and she sent over the maintenance guy, who confirmed I had no electricity.  She offered to let me move, but it was late and I still had plenty of power with my solar panels.  If I have to move in the morning, so be it, but I wasn’t going anywhere tonight.

I then hopped in my trusty Suzuki and found a Walmart less then a mile away where I bought a few groceries.  It sure is nice having a toad.

Tomorrow evening I have my first training session and another session on Wednesday evening.  Then I don’t have another training session until the 20th.

Below is a Quartzsite sunset.  I am not sure when I will see another sunset for a while since I am in a very populated area.


From 2 channels to 200

Cool weather!  Brrrr!

The temps have been rather cool here in the desert at Quartzsite.  It has gotten into the low 20’s at night and only up into the 40’s during the day.  On a few days it has even been windy making it seem even colder.  But fear not, it is slowly getting warmer and should be in the mid 50’s tomorrow and 69 by the time the RV show starts on the 19th.

Going from air to satellite TV…

I took the big plunge and entered the world of satellite TV.  Previously I only had a batwing TV antenna and relied on those channels I could get through the air.  But when I could only get 2 channels I decided to check out the cost of adding satellite.  Then Jim came over and told me about a setup that a local satellite dealer was offering using the Dish Network.  He drove me back there and I wound up buying it.

Now for the fun part.  Installing all the equipment and hooking up to the appropriate satellites.  The installation was fairly easy.  The dish would sit on the top of my ladder still giving me access to the roof when I needed it.


Now for the fun part.  Getting it to acquire the satellite signals.  I called Dish and set up my account with them, then after making several calls and speaking with their tech support I still could not pick up one of the satellites which I needed.  They put me through to Tailgater tech support (who makes the dish) since they could not find anything wrong with my setup.  Tailgater said their dish was working properly as it had completed all the tests successfully.

Now it is back to the dealer with the receiver to see if it was faulty.  He put it on his bench and found that one of the settings was incorrect and once he corrected it I got a picture.  Now it was back to the rig and now the system is working properly.  I set it up to see the Los Angeles stations as I am more familiar with them.

I got lots of help during this whole process from all my friends who would come over.  This is Cookie, John, and Linda.  THANKS EVERYONE for all the help and support throughout this entire process.


Going to be working at the Angels Spring Training

I got word that my background check passed and I will be working for Aramark for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Spring Training games.  I am really excited.  I made reservations with a campground only 6 miles from the stadium in Mesa to stay there for 2 months.  I am not sure what I will be doing but my friends Phil and Sindy will also be working there as well.  I worked with them at Amazon and they told me about this job.  The job only entails working for 5-6 hours during the 18 games that are played in Mesa.  I will not make a lot of money but just the experience of working around and seeing the Angels is a great opportunity for me as I have been a fan of them way back when they moved to Anaheim.

Gathering around the fire….

Everyday we gather around the fire and chat about our day while enjoying appetizers and beverage.  It is a great time that we all enjoy.  It also gives us an opportunity to meet the new people that come in during the day.



Sunset alert…

I received a “Sunset Alert” from Roger on my cell phone.  I was inside my rig with the shades down so didn’t even notice.  I grabbed my camera and took this beautiful shot of the sunset.


What a great finish to a wonderful day!