A Crazy Month!

Brakes repaired and back on the road

I was finally able to get the brakes repaired and am now back on the road.  The caliper on the right front brake had seized causing all kinds of damage to my rotor.  I had to have that replaced as well as both front brakes replaced.  I then headed to Laramie, WY where I had to have my drug test performed for my Amazon stint this winter.

I spent one night outside of Laramie at the Curt Gowdy State Park.  It was nice but hard to get level and they charge $17 a night for no hook-ups.  If you have a boat it would be a great place to go.


I spent a couple of nights in Laramie at a KOA thanks to the advice of Steve.  It was nice but too expensive for my taste.  I would much prefer boondocking down a lonely country road.

I then headed back to Saratoga, WY to pick up my mail.  I was only going to stay there a couple of days before meeting my friends in Colorado, but wound up being there for a week.  This was when all the rain began and the major flooding in Colorado.  I didn’t want to even drive into any problems due to weather.  Besides I had an electric site for only $10 per day.  It rained and was overcast almost every day so I was glad to have the electricity.

Meeting friends in Salida, CO?

I was going to drive to Salida, CO where I was going to meet up with friends and then travel further south.  This is where the fun began.  I got to the 40/70 junction in Colorado and my brakes started getting REALLY mushy.  I had been going down a long grade behind a truck hauling timber.  There were many turns where you had to slow down to 20 mph.  Not very fun!

Then I noticed my brakes smelling and pulled over for about an hour to let them cool down.  Obviously it wasn’t enough time and it scared the crap out of me further down the road just past Empire, CO.  I located a Minton Park using my Ultimate Campgrounds app on my IPhone.  I unhooked and drove back there to check it out.  Fortunately Empire was only a mile from where I had pulled over.

The park sign said you needed permission to camp there, but no one was around.  I then drove past their Police Station so decided to check with them.  They gave me permission so I figured that was good enough.

I then used the Allstays Camp and RV app on my IPhone to check the grades of the roads leading out of Empire.  I did not want to go west as I originally planned since there were several long grades so I decided I would go east to Denver and have my brakes checked there.  But after looking at the map I determined that was not the best idea either since there were two truck runaways at the bottom of 70.

I still didn’t feel comfortable driving so I contacted Coach Net and had them tow my rig to a Ford dealer in Denver.  When I got there in my Sami the dealer told me they could not work on my rig because of the length.  Doesn’t this sound familiar?

I test drove it around a bit and didn’t notice a problem with the brakes so I hooked up the Sami and decided to head on down to Abiquiu Lake to meet up with many friends who were camping there.  I knew I25 was flat with no major grades and the brakes were performing as they should.

To make a long story short I believe getting new brakes and immediately heading into the mountains with major downhill grades is not the thing to do.  They heated up on me and I was very lucky nothing major happened.

Made it to Abiquiu

I drove the 448 miles to Abiquiu Lake, NM without any problems.  There are many of us parked here for a week prior to moving on to the Albuquerque, NM Balloon Fiesta starting at the end of the month.

Got my hands slapped big time!

I was also notified by my Internet provider that I have exceeded their monthly limit big time.  While still in Wyoming while boondocking on the Wild Horse Canyon road I may have mentioned that I was about a mile from the towers.  I had great 4G reception and nobody to talk to way out in nowhere land.  So what do I do.  Watch free movies from my Amazon Prime account and several Angels baseball games as well.

Well that caught up with me and they cut off my usage until the beginning of next month.  That is why I have not blogged since 9/5.  Jeannie of On the Road with Riley fame is parked next to me and was very gracious in allowing me to use her Internet connection to make this post.  Thanks Jeannie!!!

Crazy month for me

Yes it has been a crazy month and glad everything has settled down.  Now I am doing what I enjoy.  Camping in a beautiful spot with great friends.

This was a sunset pic taken the other night.  As always the sunsets in NM are spectacular.


Thanks all for being so patient.

Old Wrecked Car and Wildfire

Truck parts came in

I got a call from Jacks Truck and Equipment that the parts they ordered had arrived.  I am scheduled to go in early tomorrow.  I can’t wait to get back on the road.

I am still planning on going East to Saratoga, WY,  but I will also have to go a bit further East to Laramie, WY to take the drug screening test for working at Amazon this winter.  That was the closest town to my present location.  So after repairs I will head to Saratoga, WY and pick up my mail and then on to Laramie, WY for the drug screening test.  

Today I decided to learn more about the camera in my IPhone and what it is capable of doing.  I learned how to turn off the flash, zoom in or out, take a video, etc. etc.  I took the following panoramic of the area I am presently in.  It is not quite as good as my Nikon D5100, but it is still fairly good. 

Panorama taken with IPhone of area I am presently in

Panorama taken with IPhone of area I am presently in

I had also took this pic last week but am just now showing it.  Just over the edge of the plateau where I am camped is this car that looks like it has been there for some time.  I am surprised it did not go all the way down the hill.  That would have been quite a ride.


It was quite a ways down the plateau and I really didn’t want to climb down there, but what if there was bones or a body in it?  I grabbed the camera and headed down to see what mystery was down there.

The car had no engine, hood, seats or anything else that goes inside a car.  Also no tires and that is probably what kept it from rolling all the way down.  It looks like someone just came out here and shoved it off the plateau.  There were also a million bullet holes in it. 





Great WiFi

Ever since I got here I have had great 4G cell service and WiFi.  I am about 1/2 mile from the nearest tower.  I don’t even have to use my Sleek booster.  You can barely seen the tower in the center.


Wildfire in the distance

I have been watching the smoke from this fire ever since I got here.  It is northwest towards the Pinedale where I came from.  There were two separate fires but hopefully they got one of them out.  A few minutes ago it had black smoke billowing upward.  It may have burned a car or something.


Not too much else to tell you.  Hopefully tomorrow will go OK and I will be back on the road.





Chica takes a walk

Chica takes me for a walk

I have been on the lookout for raptors or any large birds.  I have seen a raven once and a couple of grouse but that is it.  I would expect to see more hawks in this area, but apparently they are elsewhere.  I did this so that Chica could go off her leash and run.  She loves to run and hike.  Most of the time she will stay right at my side, but there are occasions when she will want to run ahead.

Let's hit the trail

Let’s hit the trail


What's taking you so long Dad?

What’s taking you so long Dad?



Heading for home

Heading for home

Huge thunder cloud

Shortly after we got home I started seeing a huge thundercloud off in the distance.  Soon it was almost overhead and coming our way.



Then there was rain and a lot of it.  That cloud just emptied on us.


It didn’t last too long, but it sure soaked everything including the road we had just walked down.


Then it stopped as fast as it started.


Another beautiful sunset

Then we had another beautiful sunset.


Life is good!

No traveling for this guy

Thanks Ford for the great service?

I packed everything up and left my campground and headed to Rock Springs to have my rig serviced.  I also wanted them to check my brakes and a few other things as well.  I went to a lube shop and they couldn’t do it.  So then I headed to the local Ford dealer where I figured they could surely do it.  NOPE!  They said the rig was too big and they didn’t have the proper equipment to work on it.

There is only one Ford dealer I have ever taken my rig to that really knows what they are doing.  Unfortunately they are located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and a bit of a drive from here.  Some of you might remember an instance I had with the Dallas Ford Dealer some time ago when I needed a fuel pump and they had no idea where to get it.

This is a friggen Ford truck for crying out loud!  There are a million of them on the road.  Anyway they gave me the name of an RV service guy who they said could do the work I was asking about.  OK, I will go to him.  Drove all over hell finding him and when I got there he said he couldn’t do the work as well.  He gave me the name of a heavy equipment repair outfit and I went to him.

By this time most of the day had been used up and he could do it but not today.  So I headed on up to the same spot I was in when I started the day and parked for the weekend.  I wasn’t really excited about traveling on Labor Day weekend anyway so I guess it worked out OK.


At least I will be saving some money as I don’t have to pay for either campgrounds or gasoline.

Great sunset views

I did happen to get some great sunset pics.





Chica loves to run

The next day I let Chica off her leash to just run.  I know she would rather run on a nice green lawn but this will have to do.  Before I let her out without a leash I made sure their were no big raptors around to grab her.  I have seen only a few very small birds one morning and the horses and that is all the wildlife around here.



And she always runs home!


Exciting Day!!!

Today started out as normal.  There were many cars and ATV’s driving on the road.  Then I looked up an saw the Sheriff drive past with all their lights blaring.  Then it was the Fire Department.



Then I saw a couple of ambulances.  Finally everyone returned and then I saw a large wrecker go past.  A while later the wrecker returned with a damaged jeep.  The pics aren’t that great, but it shows the damage.



I am not sure what happened but apparently that jeep went someplace it shouldn’t.  Maybe he/she was drinking too much.  It just reminded me that even though I have a 4-wheeler I cannot go everywhere and you still have to be cautious.  Fortunately the police and fire services came out to this area to help them.

I have had high winds all day and now it is sprinkling.  One way to wash my rig and Sami.

Wild Horses on White Mountain

Picked up prescription at Walmart

I made it into Rock Springs and located the Walmart via my GPS where I picked up my prescription.  I also want to get my RV serviced as well, but the place was closed.  I didn’t want to spend the night in the Walmart parking lot as there were many big trucks and RV’s already parked there.

I checked my GPS and found a BLM area about 15 miles west of town.  I recently downloaded the complete list of campgrounds located throughout the US.  You can purchase and download the complete list for only $6.95 at Ultimate campgrounds.  I downloaded it and added it to my POI’s in my GPS.  Now it will show me everything in a given area.

It sure comes in handy while you are driving and need to know where a nearby campground is located and how to get to it.  I have also added the rest stops, Walmarts, and Diners and Drive-ins to my GPS as well.  I would highly recommend doing this as it makes it very convenient.

Anyway I decided to camp in the White Mountain BLM area so followed I80 west a few miles then took 53 north.  You are soon on a good gravel road that continues up and up.  I finally reached a plateau where I was nice and level so made it my home.


The next morning I got up and took a hike around the area.  I didn’t realize how high I had climbed but this next pic shows the railroad and I80 in the distance.  You can’t even see the cars.


The next pic was taken with my telephoto lens.


Here are a couple of pics showing the surrounding scenery.





Wild Horses

There are wild horses in the area and I was lucky to get these shots of them.  Most were taken with my telephoto lens.





Fantastic clouds and sunsets

In the afternoon the huge clouds would roll in.  A couple times I got big raindrops but never any measurable rain.




The sunsets were also spectacular.


I spent five days up here on the White Mountain BLM area and would have stayed longer had it not been for my running low on water and the grey tank almost full.

I saw many cars pass through and some even stopped near where I was parked to take pics of the scenery.  One family even had a flat tire on the road right in front of me and I helped them change the tire.  They were from Luxemburg, Germany and had already been through Yellowstone and the Tetons.

I will be leaving here to head back to Rock Springs to get my RV serviced and then head on over to Saratoga, WY where I have my mail being sent.