Riverside Campground – East of Idaho Falls, MT

Stopped in Idaho Falls

Traveling from the Leadore BLM I made a stop at the Walmart in Idaho Falls, ID to pick up some supplies.  Then it was a pretty drive along the Snake River out to the Riverside Campground just down stream from the dam.  I was thinking of going to the Calamity campground and the instructions were to turn right at the dam and drive over the dam and then up to the campground.

Well that was not going to happen.  Ever since 9/11 the government has closed off all the dams and traffic is not allowed on them.  I did see a sign for the Riverside Campground back about a mile and so I turned around and headed back.

When I was approaching the entrance I was greeted by the camphost driving a golf cart.  I asked him about the Calamity Campground but he stated it was about 5 miles up a washboard gravel road so this campground seemed like a good spot.  Plus it was right on the Snake River.  He lead me to a nice spot and I got settled in.

About an hour later this guy pulls up and told me I have his spot.  I had already paid for the spot and put my receipt on the post.  By the way there was no other receipt on the post at that time.  I mentioned that the camphost had directed me to the spot as well.  He left but soon returned with the camphost.  The camphost explained that the weekend camphost had assured him that spot.  He had camped in it for several days prior to me taking it over.  I pointed out that there was no receipt on the post and that it was his responsibility to post it.

To make a long story short, the camphost offered to let me stay in a double spot on the river side of the road with a path to the river at the same rate.  I would have stuck it out and told the guy to take a hike except that he mentioned that his wife had difficulty being in the sun.  The spot he wanted was partly shaded.  Anyway I gathered up all my stuff and moved to the nicer spot.  What a way to start the day.  YUK!

I signed up for 6 days here as I have to return to Idaho Falls Walmart to pick up a prescription.  When I came through there it was too soon to get my prescription.  What a bummer.  Here is my campsite.


Right on the Snake River.


Right below the dam

The campsite is located right below the dam and Chica and I had many nice walks all around it  Her is a pic of the dam.


All the water is released on the right side of the dam.  Here you can see some fisherman out trying their luck at catching something.


I also got a pic of this seagull taking a break on the roof of this small building.


Headed up to Calamity Campground to check it out

I decided one day to drive up to Calamity Campground to see what I missed.  It was about 5 miles on a washboard gravel road and mostly up hill until a mile from the campground where it goes down hill.  It is a really nice campground and one that I would prefer except for the road going there.  I could have made it OK with the rig, but everything would have really got bounced around.

There are three loops and one is expressly for tent campers only.  Down below there is a large boat ramp that has access to the reservoir.  This was taken from Loop A.



Scenery was beautiful

It was really beautiful up here although very dense.




An Aspen grove.


Lots of curves and dust.


I am heading out tomorrow to drive back to Idaho Falls where I can pick up my prescription and other supplies.  I also want to take Chica to the Petsmart there to have her nails clipped and teeth cleaned.  Then it is off to Gros Ventre just outside of Jackson, WY to meet up with many LD’ers who are there through Labor Day.  It should really be fun.