The power of the blog

Writing about ski trips

I have been writing a blog since 2005.  It began with my ski trips, which I wanted to post for my own enjoyment and to reflect back on the many good times and great places.  Since then I have bought a Lazy Daze RV and now live and travel in it full time.  It is amazing how I forget many details of places I have visited, but having the blog allows me to return to those places and remember them as if I was there now.

Off to Quartzsite, AZ

In January, 2011 I accepted Roger Nickey’s invitation to join him at a Lazy Daze GTG in Death Valley over New Year’s holiday.  Afterwards we traveled down to Quartzsite, AZ where we camped out in the desert with many of our friends for a month.  What a wonderful time.  Lots of campfires, “Happy Hours”, potlucks and of course the RV show in the BIG TENT.  Then we also got to show off all of our purchases of RV accessories, food etc. to each other.  Lots of good times!

That’s where I met David and Mary Gardner.  They were camped right next to me and shared in all our good times.  David is quite the photographer and took many pictures of all of us.  You can see his great work on his blog Marking Our Place.  He also submitted his work to a sight called Lenscratch.  This article was picked up by two foreign blogs which featured his work.

The Russians are coming…

The first one is the Russian Esquire Online Magazine.  That is a pic of my rig “The Breeze” on the second row and second from the left.  How about that sports fans (or should I say RV fans)!  Not too shabby!
Below is the pic of David’s blog also showing the same pic.

Here is a blow-up of the same pic.

Not one but two

The second foreign publication that picked it up was Radek Burda, a Czech blogger.  This one even shows a pic of me standing outside my rig.  That was when I had a beard, which I no longer have.  It is clean shaven for me (at least once a week).

This just goes to show you the power of the blog.  This exposure did not come from my blog, but a friend who happened to be a super photographer.  Now the Czech people are probably looking at my mug and saying to themselves – Those crazy Americans living in a RV.  Why would anybody want to do that?  HA!