Hi All,

My name is Jim Melvin and I am know as Jimbo by many of my friends.  I took this pic on my 2nd week of fulltiming while at Fish Creek in the Sequoias in CA.


Here I am relaxing in March 2012 while relaxing in one of my favorite spots.  This was taken at the Clark Dry Lake Bed in Anza-Borreggo Desert SP.


I began as a fulltime RV’er in July, 2010.  My home is a 26 1/2 foot Lazy Daze Rear Bath RV.  I call it “The Breeze” after the Lynard Skynard song.


I drive my home wherever I want to.  Some spots I may stay only 1-2 days depending on how I feel about it of if I have other commitments.  There are many times I will say much longer depending on how much I like the spot.

I enjoy hiking, photography, astronomy, writing my blog, communicating with family and friends.

You can contact me via email at jimrvtravel@yahoo.com


Jim Melvin

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Jim,

    I see you are still “plowing the fields”. We have paused for the moment and are in Alberta, Canada, where it is mostly cold. I long back to New Mexico….

    Great you also visited the White Sands. We enjoyed it big time. I am often thinking of the days at Belle’s ranch. We might visit Chuck and LeaRay when going east at the end of may.

    Take care and stay between the ditches!!

    Peter + Bea

    PS: Tried to sign up for following your blog – but server wasn’t coming up. Some problem…?

  2. Hey Jim,
    Hope ya made it up the road OK. We took a tour of the outlet of the creek into the lake with the ranger: it’s a huge beaver pond!! had to borrow rubber mucking boots and hike a couple hundred yards thru the swamp, but definitely worth it. Very cool to see what these guys have built. Didn’t see any beavers this trip, but we’ll be back.
    Ab and I enjoyed our visit with you and thanks again for the info. See ya in NV if not sooner. God bless.
    Bill and Ab

  3. Hi Jim,
    I am a follower of RVSue and Crew. I signed up to follow your blog. I live in SW Florida. I am presently looking for something small to travel myself as a full timer. I just drove from Fla to Maine in my car. Spent 3 months visiting friends and family along the way. Taking the time to take pictures and started a family blog. I am not a very good blogger but I am learning. You do a great job and your pictures are outstanding! It will take me months to look at all of them. lol. There so interesting and beautiful! I am partial to the pictures of Venice. I spent a week there myself. It was the most wonderful experience of my life! Hope you don’t mind my tagging along on your journeys. I can’t wait to start my own travels in something I can sleep in. Sharon – from Florida

  4. Jimbo,
    Have you heard from Amazon as to starting dates for this next season at Fernley? I was hoping to start around October 1.

    • Hi David,

      I haven’t got my start time yet. Last year I started on 10/17. I wouldn’t expect to start much sooner then that.

      See ya there,


  5. Hi Jim,

    I really enjoyed reading some of your blog posts today. It’s an awesome resource for anyone looking to get into the RV’ing lifestyle and also entertaining.

    I’m actually a blogger and I’m promoting a recent post of mine that I thought would be very relevant to a large chunk of your audience.

    The post is about Hobbies for seniors and you can check it out here: http://theaffiliatelifestyle.com/hobbies-for-seniors

    A ton of my readers are actually seniors too and so I thought you might be interested in a link swap. I’d love it if you could link to my article somewhere on your website and in return I’d link to a page of your choice on your website.

    If this doesn’t interest you that’s OK, just keep up the good work.

    Robert Lawrence

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