Jessica Bruders Interview

While in Quartzsite, AZ back in January 2014 I met Jessica Bruder.  She stopped by the Lazy Daze camp and wanted to interview those of us who had worked at Amazon. I had just finished up my third season working at the Fernley, NV fulfillment center.  She interviewed me and had her photographer take a few pictures.  She mentioned that she was writing an article for Harper’s Magazine.

She sent me a link to that article and sure enough I was in that article.  How very exciting!

Then last summer she wrote to tell me that she had written a book called Nomadland and was sending me a copy.  It was a compilation of all the interviews she had with many people who work on the road while traveling in their RVs.

Great read!

I read the book last summer while camp hosting.  I have camp hosted 5 out of the last 6 years in different camp grounds throughout the northwest,  The last 3 years I have been camp hosting at Lake Harriet located in the Mt Hood National Forest.  Since it is located in the boonies I have no cell service or TV so I read a lot.  

Nomadland was a terrific book and held my interest from start to finish.  It told many stories of people who have worked while traveling.  I really liked the fact that I knew many people in the book.

Book Reading in Portland

Back in October I wrote Jessica and mentioned that I lived close to Portland, OR.  She wrote back and mentioned that she was going to have a book reading in Portland that week.  I made plans to be there.  I even met up with some other folks who were going to the signing to have dinner.  All of us then walked a couple of blocks to the Powell Book Store and met up with Jessica.

Luckily we got there early so got seats close up, but many had to stand.  Here she is signing a book.


Her reading was very interesting with many questions from the audience.  I was sure glad I got to meet up with her again.

Nomadland makes a nice present

I bought the book on Amazon and had it sent to my sister.  I wanted her to read just what life on the road is all about.  I also had it delivered to a friend who just bought her first RV.  

For everyone else who has an RV or is interested in work camping I would suggest going on Amazon to purchase it.  It is a great book. 






11 thoughts on “Nomadland

  1. I read her book a few weeks ago. Loved it! As I read, I kept hoping she would meet you. I’ve followed your blog for several years…..and sure enough she did. The book is a great read!

  2. Hi Jimbo. I remember that night around the campfire in Quartzsite. My wife mentioned a few days ago about the book and I told her the Lazy Daze folks met Jessica and how she interviewed you. Will surely get the book.
    Happy trails.
    Rod and the two red dogs (Vizslas)

  3. I agree Jim. A very informative, well written book about a slice of RVers who combine work and travel. Wishing you well.

  4. The other day I put in a request at my local library to hold this book – they notified me that 17 people are on the hold list ahead of me! I did read that original article in Harper’s back in 2014 and saw the reference to you – that’s how I discovered your blog.

  5. Hey Jim – I just finished the book via audiobook, and I loved it. Fun reading about the lifestyle and some of my friends and acquaintances. I thought she did a good job talking about the highs and the lows, and that no matter what, most of us are happy and free! 🙂

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