FULLTIME RV’er at last !!!

On July 12, 2010 I drove my car over to the base where I was storing my RV.  I switched the car with the RV and that began my new journey.  I easily drove over the Cajon Pass and out into the desert via 395.  My first stop was at the El Solana RV and Mobile Home Park, where I was able to us my Passport America card (1/2 price).  I signed up for 2 days, but later added a 3rd.  It was hot (104-106), but I was comfortable with my AC running constantly.

This is a couple pics taken just a few feet out the back of my RV.  Pretty desolate. Little did I know at the time that I would be going over those mountains shortly.

Here is a pic of my home sweet home in all it’s glory.

This was a shot I took just as the sun was setting.  This pic does not really do it justice compared to how it looked in person.

4 thoughts on “FULLTIME RV’er at last !!!

  1. Hi Jim, well aren’t you the brave guy doing all this travelling alone……do you have a nice dog along with you?

    Bob thinks you are doing a great retirement trip…..I think he is abit green for never thinking of such a fun thing to do.

    We will try to keep up with your trip as you travel along, take care and good luck.

    Who knows, you may end up seeing us in Weeki Wachee, Florida.


  2. What a nice surprise this morning to see another entry in your travels…..I do hope you are keeping a really good log of all the things that happen as you go along……you may have the first travel book on Kindle!!

    Keep safe


    • Glad you enjoyed the blog. I haven’t really kept a good log but now that you mention it I will start writing down more details before I forget.

  3. Wow…took awhile to get back to the date where you began your journey. I figures you put a fair amount of time recording your journey and highlighting aspects of it that I felt obliged to take the time to comment. I am 54 and I plan on retiring early and RV’ing myself at least for a bit. So I will read one by one your journey and graciously comment when the idea arises.



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