chapter 21 Rally – parker, AZ

Chapter 21 is the Escapees group from Saguaro, AZ I had met last October.  This was their annual winter rally.  It took place at the La Paz County Park in Parker, AZ.  They had lots of activities and food planned for the 5 days we were to be there.

This is where I was parked for the 5 days.  The Colorado River was only a few hundred yards away.  Unfortunately it was way too cold to go into the water.  Even boats were not running.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

The highlight of the rally was a trip to the Desert Bar in the Buckskin Mountains.  It was a 4 mile trip over a washboard gravel road to get to it.  There was no electricity so everything was run off of solar panels.  This is the road just as we were approaching the Desert Bar.

The Desert Bar was owned by an old hippie that wanted to get off the grid.  He built a home in this area and then decided to build the bar.  It was a very unique place.

This is the food menu.  Notice the “No Cheese Ever” part.  They said it was because of the fact they didn’t have electricity.  However they did manage to have hamburgers and hot dogs in their refrigerator and also and endless supply of beer.

The hippie owner also built a church where many people get married.  What a trip!

Chapter 21 also had great potlucks every night.  One night was a “Burn Your Own” night.  I donated my grill to help the cause and we all had a great time.  This is Lonnie as head chef.

I had a wonderful time with my friends from Chapter 21 and even met some new friends as well.  I am looking forward to seeing them all at future rallies.

1 thought on “chapter 21 Rally – parker, AZ

  1. Pretty cool; a bar and resturant with no electricity; unblievable! I don’t recognize any of the area; would have had better luck with the Blue Water, ‘although that has really changed from what I hear.’ casino and bar right on the water. I’d love to get down there and see what’s up with the area I just remember the bridge over the river heading into AZ and then the Blue Water camp ground and the Blue Water bar and grill; lots of idians and trouble also seems to go with these memories. Remember they called the ‘Rid River,’ gee, wonder why when there was nothing but, booze, boats, babes and little red capsules and pills, the pills were the Mexican alternative to prescription sleeping pills called seconal. Had some really, really wild times back then. God bless and keep you and the travelers; sounds like your eating good. I just finished making another batch of beef fajita mix for burroes, tacos, whatever. Think I’ll make some breakfast burroes tonight; if I can find enough eggs to do so. Love ya; drive careful Bra.
    Willy d. & Blazer

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