valley of fire, NV

After Death Valley I drove to Pahrump, NV where it was snowing.  Where did all the sunshine go?  The next stop was Valley of Fire, NV just northeast of Las Vegas.  It wasn’t snowing but was a bit chilly.

We got there late and it was beginning to get dark but Rodger and I were able to find two campsites next to each other.  The campsites were among these beautiful red rocks.  This is the type of rock all around us.

The next morning we started by checking out the petroglyphs.  They were high up on the rocks so they built a huge staircase leading up to them.

Unfortunately I misplaced my camera which had all the really good shots of the area.  But I was able to use my new Droid Incredible to get these shots.  Not bad really, but am very disappointed about losing my camera.  I have torn my rig apart looking for it but to no avail.

This rock formation was the “Beehive”.  Looks just like one.

This was called the elephant.

We only spent 2 days in Vally of Fire but had to get on our way to Parker where we were meeting up with the Escapee Chapter 21 group out of Benson, AZ. for their rally in Parker, AZ.

1 thought on “valley of fire, NV

  1. Awesome shots of the rocks. Sorry to hear that you lost your camera. Phones don’t get even close in quality. Really, really cool rock formations,

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