Tamarisk LTVA

Tamarisk LTVA

After crossing the border at Tecate, I traveled down I8 to Tamarisk LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area).  It is in the same system of LTVA’s as the La Posa West LTVA in Quartzsite.  Therefore my annual pass covered the cost of staying there.  As it turned out the pass cost me $180 and I was able to save $20.  I could have probably saved even more but decided to move on and head to Southern California to visit with my family.

This is the area I moved to.

I was the 28th rig all season…

Once I got settled in Reynolds came over to invite me to their campfire they were having that night.  I met everyone who was camped at the park.  Everyone was so friendly.  I was only the 28th rig to come into the park since they opened it back in September.  At the present time I was one of six rigs in the park.  Many of the others had been there for several months.

Peter and Bea we have to stop meeting like this..

I had to get water and propane as well as dump my tanks.  They suggested Holtville where I could take care of everything at once including stocking up on some groceries and fill my tank with gas.  I headed there on Sunday and had just finished dumping my tanks and was headed to get some gas when I saw a rig pull into the dump station and saw my friends Peter and Bea from  http://american-traveler.blogspot.com/ jump out.  How ironic to see them again!  I had last seen them while I was filling up with water at Quartzsite.  We chatted for a while and then they headed off to Yuma and I to Tamarisk LTVA.

Surrounded by the Border Patrol

It was a ritual to go on a hike every morning.  I took part in several of the hikes while I was there.  They each lasted about 4 miles and it was great exercise.  One day we decided to hike over to I-8 and then back again.  It was about 2 miles each way.  We got over to I-8 and walked along it inside the fence of course.  Then as we hiked back we were met by 4 Border Patrol vehicles who almost surrounded us.  Evidently someone saw us while driving down I-8 and suspected that we were illegal aliens.  The Border Patrol were on us like flies on poop!  Of course they realized that we hadn’t crossed the border illegally but it was pretty funny!

Evidence of illegal crossings

Since we were next to the waterway most of our hikes were along it.  You could see evidence all along the waterway where the illegals had made their way across it.  Things like rafts, paddles, clothing, etc.

Off to Algodones, MX

Charlie invited me to go to Algodones, MX with them.  He and Reynolds had to have their hearing aids adjusted and also needed some medication from the pharmacy.  I decide what the heck and said I would ride along.  There was Charlie, Reynolds, Jim and myself.  We walked across the border.  It was much different the what I was used to seeing in Palomas, MX where I have my dental work done.  It seemed much busier.  Lots of stores and street vendors.  All trying to get you to look (and buy) their junk!  Too many people wanting a handout.

Walked around a bit and only took one pic.

Then we had to cross back into the USA.  What a hassle!  This is the long line that we stood in while everyone is trying to peddle their stuff.  They kept saying “Only $5, almost free”.  Sure think poncho!

But sir this does not look like you…

When I got to the gal checking the passports she said “This doesn’t look like you!  She made me take off my sunglasses.  Then I had to explain that the picture was taken 10 years ago and my body has changed slightly.  Like hair color, mustache, etc.  My passport expires later this year so it will be nice to get a new one with a new picture that actually looks like me.  She is the second agent that has told me that.  Don’t worry about it!  Just let me go thru!

Great woodcarvings

Several of the guys at the park did wood carving as a hobby.  Reynolds, Jim and Ken were all really good at it.  Reynolds showed me some of his collection and it was quite impressive.  I sure wish I was handy like that!

I will return…

I plan to return there next year.  Reynolds and Karen were the hosts and they have been coming their for 7 years.  Tamarisk LTVA does not have all of the facilities, but they make up for it with the wonderful people.


7 thoughts on “Tamarisk LTVA

  1. Hi Jim, nice summing up the last days. yes, our meetings at dump stations are beginning to be comical. Where are you heading? Still in California? We are at Why,AZ. Haven’t seen any dump station here where we could meet, :-))

  2. Hi Jimbo I see the adventure continues. You never disappoint. Look forward to reading your blog everyday. Hope you are well. Pictures were great as always.Your friend…HoboJoe

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