Fantastic clouds over Mono Lake

Not only Super Moon but Super Clouds as well…

Gotta watch the SUPER MOON tonight.  It should be really neat.  But I have been here at my campsite overlooking Mono Lake for almost 7 days.  What I find peculiar about this area is the unusual clouds.  I have never seen clouds like that anywhere.  So I have been taking pictures of them and thought I would share them with you.

My first night here was really freaky!

The first night I was here I saw this cloud and it totally freaked me out.  Nothing happened not even a drop of rain and when I awoke the next day it was a bright blue sky with hardly any clouds at all.

Then it got to be old stuff…

During the day time the sky is very blue but towards the evening all the clouds seem to build up and just sit overhead.   This is the cloud I saw on the second day.  Again the next day was a bright blue sky.

I really enjoyed the different cloud patterns.  Like I said I have never seen clouds like this anywhere.

Now lets all check out the super moon…

Well enough for the clouds.  Tonight is the SUPER MOON night.  I am setting up my telescope so I can really view it up close and friendly.  Hopefully it won’t be too windy later on when the moon appears.  I am hoping I can get a few neat shots of the moon in all her glory.

5 thoughts on “Fantastic clouds over Mono Lake

  1. Those clouds are sure interesting. There are some unusual cloud formations that happen over Mt. Shasta too. Funny how something so nebulous as clouds can have so many different permutations. Hope you get some great moon shots.

  2. I always feel it is the clouds that give the sky it’s personality. Moody dark days, big white happy clouds, aloof clouds, angry skies with dark fast moving clouds, wispy attitude etc. Some days the clouds are full of animals, faces, monsters & old friends. It is the cloud patterns that many times make a difference in good or great photo & it’s hard to have a spectacular sunset…..without clouds:)).

  3. Love your cloud photos! It makes the sky more dramatic. Good Luck with the moon photos. We have a cloud cover here. so no moon for us. Maybe on Sunday night.

  4. Gotta love those clouds. When I was in grade school and had to draw something I would find it in the cloud formations outside my classroom and run with it. Very much looking forward to your moon photos, niteowl. 🙂

  5. WoW! Thanks Jim for sharing all of the fantastic photos and information! I really appreciate your hard work and time. I am enjoying your blog about your travels and full-timing. KUDOS! Keep up the great work! ~Jolly Ollie

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