Rain and more rain

Lots of clouds

The rain clouds have moved in and we had 50% prediction that it would rain.  Here are a few pics before the rain started on Friday.



The rain started on Friday night right after our “Happy Hour”.  Everyone was driven inside for the night.  It rained all Friday night and even into Saturday.  We were going to have a Hot Dog dinner but that was put off until Sunday.

Cleaning the desert…

The rain is Nature’s way of cleaning the desert.  The air is really fresh and it really keeps the dust down.  This is how it looked out the window of my rig most of the day.


Then the rain stopped and although the clouds were still there everyone slowly migrated towards the campfire Mike had started.



Mountains covered in clouds…

Then we were all treated to a beautiful sunset.  There were still lots of clouds, but the rain was moving east.  The clouds left us with a beautiful sunset.  We didn’t have “Happy Hour” and postponed the hot dogs until Sunday, but everyone hung out by the fire swapping stories.


I got out my telephoto lens for this shot of the clouds over the mountains.


A beautiful sunset…

Then we were treated to a beautiful sunset.



RV Show ends tomorrow…

The RV Show ends tomorrow.  I am sure there may be some great bargains but I have bought everything I need at this point.  The sun is out and it is a beautiful day in the desert.

6 thoughts on “Rain and more rain

  1. Here at City of Rocks, NM we got nice steady rain for hours. I think I saw some yuccas smiling? Desert refresh! We enjoyed a very bright and close double rainbow. Didn’t see the pot of gold, at this end, anyway! Now, could it please warm up a bit?

    (Hope this is ok to post on here, Jim) Check out our Facebook full-timers travel/education page CBreaze Ontheroad. ~ Cindy (mom) and Breanna (DD14)

  2. We went to the rock and gem show sponsored by Quartzsite and by the time we left there we were so tired they could not have convinced us to go to the big tent even if they were giving things away.

    Love your sunset photos! Isn’t today’s sky beautiful….

  3. Hey, Jim, since you’re getting so used to the rain, you should just come on back up here to Oregon! We have some up here, too, so you wouldn’t miss a drop. Looks like the usual big bunch of rigs there this year. Have fun and try to stay dry.

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