No hiking today…

Plans go awry…

When I met my friend Shannon she had mentioned we should do some hiking.  We made plans to meet at her rig yesterday.  After agreeing to it, I was checked my schedule and decided that would not work so I called her and took a rain check for Saturday instead.

My “Check Engine” light  of my Samurai had just come on and I wanted to verify that all was OK.  I had checked the manual and it did mention a few items that had to be checked at 80,000 miles.  The light came on exactly when it turned 80,000.

I wanted to have a Suzuki dealer check it out.  As you must know by now, I am not a mechanic by any means.  I made an appointment for 1:00pm and took it in for normal servicing.

When I got there I mentioned that my “check engine” light had come on exactly when it turned 80,000 miles.  The write-up guy told me that had nothing to do with it and there may be something wrong.  Then I had to wait while there mechanics took over.  I was fearing the worst.

About 2 hours later they came and told me they finally figured out why my check engine light came on.  It was because it turned 80,000 miles and it was alerting me to take care of a few items. DUH! That was just what I said wasn’t it?

I have to have an oxygen sensor replaced.  What the heck is that?  The mechanic said it was a sensor that goes in my exhaust.  I will do some checking on it.  Does anyone know what it does and why it has to be replaced?  The cost for doing the 80,000 mile check-up will be $670.  YUK!!!

I will buy it right now…

I saw the mechanics checking out my Samurai real close.  Then when they drove it up to me the guy offered to buy it right on the spot.  This is the 4th time I have had people offering to buy it.  These little cars are very popular since they are 4 wheel drive, very light weight, great gas mileage and make great tow vehicles for us RV’ers.   There is no way I would give it up after looking so long to find it.

Getting really hot

The temps are now in the 90’s.  I haven’t run  my A/C yet but the Fantastic Fan has sure helped to cool the place down.

Hiking on Saturday

I will travel over to Apache Junction on Saturday and do some much needed hiking.  I am really looking forward to it.  I will take my camera to get a lot of pictures.  STAY COOL!!

14 thoughts on “No hiking today…

  1. Hello Jim I have driven my Toyoto for the last six months with the very same issue. Oxygen sensor . A $200+ part that is an easy install once you figure exactly where it is. My son-on-law replaced it last week . I’ll bet John could replace it at Baker City. Easy to volunteer someone else. 🙂

    Take care Ed

  2. Dang on the O2 sensor!!! I had that problem with my Chevy Tracker (it is a suzuki under it’s skin) I used it as a TOAD behind my Jayco. My trusted mechanic said if I wasn’t having sudden gas mileage issues I could ignore it. It was at about 150,xxx miles at that time. I put black tape over the annoying ‘check engine’ light and now that little Tracker is now running my granddaughter all over Colorado as her first car – still with the black tape. Mileage is now about 185xxx. I am absolutely no mechanic – so my experience is only that – experience.

  3. Hiking at the Superstition Mountains is awesome. Late in the afternoon, as the sun starts to go down is a great time to photograph the mountain….enjoy. Its a fav of mine.

  4. Jim,

    Really enjoying your blog. Your new dog is just adorable!!! Have fun hiking on Saturday and be sure and tell Shannon we said hello!!

    Take care. Tami & Clay

  5. Mechanic told me the same thing….if you don’t replace the sensor you may give up a little gas mileage but that is all. I never replaced mine and never noticed less mpg. My 2000 Tracker is now at 179,000 miles…toughest little vehicle I have ever owned.

  6. I see black tape in your future. 🙂 Enjoy your hiking with all of your new friends. Better carry a bowl to hold water for dear little Chica!

  7. I had an O2 sensor replaced on my rig (1997 Ford E350) for $100 about 3 years ago. At the time, my rig was registered in California and would not pass smog inspection with the check engine light on, so I had to replace it. If I had to replace it today (Texas registration), I probably would. If I didn’t and the check engine light stayed on all the time, how would I know if something else went wrong to turn the light on? The part itself isn’t expensive. If you can find someone to change it out for you inexpensively, you might consider it.

  8. Here you go problem solved…

    If it comes back on and the codes really say the O2 sensor is bad then you should spend the 100 or so to fix it.Not only will it hurt your gas mileage it will ruin the catalytic converter. Its what controls the air/fuel ratio to the computer controlled engine. However as it came on at 80 k I suspect you need to flip the switch… No mechanic required only Google 🙂

    When the engine computer finds real problems it will turn on the light no mater what the mileage..


  9. Go to the website mentioned above and see what they say. Find a repair shop and get an estimate on the 80k check. The dealer is the most expensive place to go.

  10. Interesting – reminds me of when we were going on vacation and headed to lax and the bronco starting smoking really bad and we popped into a gas station and the 2 mechanics looked at Bob and said you need a new engine!! Well he knew enought not to buy what they were saying and it stopped smoking shortly after! But do check it out but with some place more believable.

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