Tribute to my Dad

My Dad – James Henry Melvin 10/19/1919 – 02/02/2010

My father passed away 4 years ago on this date and I still miss him very much.  He helped me to realize my dream of fulltime RVing.  My niece Dani Hill made this tribute to him with his picture for his memorial and I would like to share it with you.


I miss my Dad very much as he was a very funny person who always had a nickname for everyone.  He had a wonderful sense of humor.

Watching the Super Bowl

I am at the Q Casino on the road to Algadones, Mexcio in the parking lot watching the game.  The place is full of rigs and cars everywhere.  Today John, Linda and I had a great lunch inside the casino.  Hopefully the solar will hole up for the remainder of the game otherwise I will just run my generator as many other people are already doing.  I hope everyone who likes football is enjoying the game.

Dentist in Algadones

Tuesday I will go into Algadones, MX with friends to have a troublesome tooth checked out.  That should be a trip. HA!

8 thoughts on “Tribute to my Dad

  1. Good luck with the tooth! Last I checked it was 20 to 0 Seahawks. That was a while ago – I’ll have to check again. I hope it’s a closer game than that. 🙂

  2. I so TOTALLY understand about missing your dad, and I share your sentiments. Of course I missed my mom, when she died first, just as much, and for lots of different & very important reasons. As an only child, my dad and I bonded even more, and he shares some intimate thoughts, wisdom, and special moments together with me. When he left this world, I was emotionally lost and numb. Now, after 8 years, rarely a day passes that I wish I could have asked him a question, listened a little closer, and hugged him a bit tighter more often, but I feel very fortunate to have been their child, to have known their love, even though I never realized I’d feel so much appreciation for his caring, and look back with such respect!! I’m sure your dad is with you in every breath you breath, behind every decision you make, and lives on, even though he completed his earthly journey. He was definitely a blessed man to have children that remember him, speak of his quality in years to come, and carry on his legacy! He, too, was blessed!
    Since I have no opinion on ball games this year, I hope YOUR team wins!! Happy Super Bowl 2014!!! Blessings on your family!

  3. That was a wonderful tribute to your dad. I don’t think we ever stop missing them no matter how long they have been gone, but it is great to have such wonderful memories. Good luck with the dentist.

  4. i miss my Dad, also and loved the tribute to your Dad. I want the Seahawks to win but not like this. I really wanted to see a game.

  5. Your dad was a great person!I am glad that “he” encouraged you to go RVing.
    Good luck at the dentist! Ugh, but what must be done, must be done.
    May you continue to love RVing and your dear soulmate, Chica. 🙂

  6. Jimmy our memories do bring back so many things- his sense of humor always- the way he lived his life- the many family get togethers- and always his concern for each of us. Thanks for posting the yearly tribute to him and the World War II Book as he would of truly enjoyed and loved each of these. And he would of been keeping up with your blog and loving it on a daily basis! Love and miss him so much! Bev

  7. Thanks Joim! I love the little saying Mom found for this!!
    love and miss you tons! i hope your tooth is doing well-that margarita probably helped! hahaha!

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