Lights out in Mexico

I must apologize for taking so long between blogs.  I had so many pics and videos from the balloon fiesta that I went over my limit of 5GB that Verizon allows.  Once you hit that point it costs $.05 /MB.  That doesn’t seem like a lot but when you are on a fixed income it really adds up.  So I will try to get up to speed now that I am in a new billing month and the meter starts over.

I had made appointments for both dental and optical on Sat 10/23/2010.  First I drove to the border and walked across as before.  I checked out the optical first to see if my glasses were ready.  They were not but informed me they had been shipped and should be there on the following Monday.

I had an hour or two to kill before my dentist appointment so I thought I would walk around Las Palomas a bit.  I have to admit I was very nervous at first.  This town is pretty shabby to say the least.  It is very dirty and dusty and many of the buildings were in disrepair.  Someone I met in Columbus said that there is a nice park about 2 blocks down from the Pink Store.  So off I went.  I found the park after walking a few blocks.  Once I got to the park I realized that I was no longer nervous.  There were a lot of people just sitting and chatting with each other.  Plus there were a lot of children as well.  The park was very clean and well groomed.  I took the following video of it.  The loud screeching in the background was the power steering of an old car.

I thought I would get attacked by the kids asking for a handout, but that did not occur at all.  It seems like that is more prevalent right at the border crossing.  Here are a couple of other pics of the park.

It was time for my dental appointment so I walked back to the dentist office.  It seemed strange but all the lights in the entire block were out including the dentist office, eye doctor and the Pink Store which is a very popular place for us gringos.  No one was even eating lunch there.  I walked in the dentist office and Dr. Karla greeted me at the door.  She was very apologetic and said they would have to reschedule the appointment for Monday.

When you are in Mexico you can’t be in a hurry to do anything.  You have to move at their pace.  So I just paid for a few extra days at the campground since I had no choice.  After all I am not in a big hurry to do anything!!!!!

On Monday the winds were blowing very hard.  I decided to take it very slowly and drove to the border once again.  The lights were on so I was able to complete my dental work.  I then stopped at the eye doctor to see if my glasses had come in.  Unfortunately they hadn’t but they said they would call once they got them in.  By then the wind is really blowing but I  had to get propane as I was almost completely out.  There was a place in Columbus, not far from the campground so I didn’t have to drive too far in the wind.  It was nice to get back to the campground and not have to drive.  Driving an RV in the wind is nerve wracking and I just don’t want to do it if I don’t have to.  After I got back to the campground the eye doctor called and said they had received the glasses and they were ready.  I told them I would be in the next day to pick them up.  Later I heard on my CB radio that there were high wind warnings and not to be driving a high profile rig such as an RV.

To make a long story short I did go in the next day to get my glasses.  Then I was on my way.


By the way you can click on all the pics to enlarge them, then if you click again it will be even larger.

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